You can help the IDF win!

Against Hamas, the soldiers need your spiritual assistance!

In the conflict with Hamas, Israel's forces can emerge victorious only with your spiritual assistance.

IDF forces are organizing and preparing to enter Gaza. The commanders are concerned not only with the logistics; but also focus on the spirit, and are calling us by the hour to get more and more spiritual support for the soldiers. Dozens of Panim el Panim instructors are going from IDF unit to IDF unit amongst the fighters preparing for battle. You can partner with us in financing our encounter with the soldiers. Fund our work amongst the IDF soldiers, choose from $18 to $500 level, and the fighting spirit of our IDF soldiers belongs to you! To contribute now, please CLICK HERE
Tzuk Eitan - Soldiers Dancing with Kedusha!
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Panim el Panim

Panim el Panim started bridging the gap in the Israeli society of today 9 years ago. With the years the focus has become on outreaching to high school students, army soldiers, college students, young families, Kibbutzim and even prison inmates.