Queano diaz ;]


airfare cost and schedule

I am flying to Brazil from Denver and I will be first class and I will cost $24,000 for two people , but for one person it will be $12000



I am going to SOFITEL Rio de janeiro copacabana hotel and by the looks of it i think it is a five star hotel , and it cost $557 a night .


When i was at the Copacabana beach it looked like a blue white mixed with a little tutch of navy blue , and when i whent in the cool blue water it felt like getting a massage

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

A problem that could happen when i am in BRAZIL is , i could get my money stollen from me or there can be a missing itoem from my bag sutch as my passport also there could be that one of my bags was left there in the airport .


while i was there i visited alot of places BRAZIL and i was one of the things on my bucket list to go to BRAZIL . The best place I visited was the beach. The white sand

The bright sun blinded me when I was out of the water. Boats float towards shore. As I was there I could hear children laughing and playing in the water with surfboards and running as they pranced through the small waves.

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