IB Registration

It’s registration time!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Diploma Plan Worksheet

Today we embark on the DP journey--officially. Each of you will register in ManageBac for your exams (both internal and external) today. Please be patient as we work through this process together. I will show you both where to go and how to register, but we may have to deal with some troubleshooting on the way. I will be visiting each CAS/EE block and ATL to ensure that all of you understand the expectation.

Final Deadline for Registration--Oct. 16.

Please ensure that you have completed all tasks before October 15, 2015. If you need assistance, ask your CAS/EE instructor or the IB DP/CP Coordinator. All students who participate in IB DP courses must register.

The links below will help you if you get stuck after our first meeting.

Diploma Plan Worksheet