Progressive Era

BY: Sami Armellino


¢Exposed corruption in business and government.

¢People wanted to hear what the Muckrakers had to say

¢Exposed political machines

¢Depressed and full of misery with the monopoly leaders. Muckrakers fed off of support and wealth, and wanted people to know what was happening. So they could earn more money and gain a bigger audience.


¢Participated in reform efforts

¢Native born, middle, or upper class

¢Wanted change in the United States

¢Wanted better working hours and conditions.

¢Progressives wanted to reform the corruption in the untied states by using angry to get there way.


¢Employed to enforce antitrust legislation

¢Teddy Roosevelt was called a trust buster

¢Made decisions against big business

¢President protected the worker and the consumers.

¢The president only took interest in what the people wanted, and the people were thrilled that no man would be above the law.

A.F.L. Member

¢American Federal of Labor

¢Samuel Gompers

¢Grew from 1900 to 1914

¢Excluded unskilled workers

¢The wealthy were happy but the urban workers were left without organized support.

-I.W.W. Member -Laborer seeking reform

¢Opposed capitalism

¢Made claims for working class

¢Americans feared the goals and methods of the IWW’S

¢Haywood's organizations to overthrow capital systems

¢The IWW collapsed because of all the disagreement, along with weak leaders.

-W.E.B. Du Bois

¢African American leader

¢First African American to earn a doctorate at Harvard

¢Strong supporter of civil rights

¢Wanted social justice

¢People looked up to him, and were proud of his accomplishments in life. He made an impact on African Americans and helped reform race relations.

Member of the Society of American Indians 

¢Demands for equal rights

¢Improve daily life

¢Dawes act of 1887

¢Started a forum for American Indian leaders, and made it easier for people to improve the conditions for American Indians in the future

Robert La Follette

¢Wisconsin Idea

¢Natural resources for Wisconsin

¢Laborers control

¢Wanted states to increase taxes for utilities

He was a kind man that wanted to help people in need and the poor and people looked up to him for his ideas and support

Washington Gladden NAACP

¢Wanted to racial discrimination

¢Du Bois wrote about racial inequality

¢Used the court system to fight civil rights restrictions

¢They were serious about trying to end racial inequality, and make African Americans have better lives and more rights.