Burkholder is Going Hybrid

Your guide to safely returning to campus


We understand that our school "going hybrid" brings change to our routines. This guide is meant to help you wade the waters of the new schedule, protocols, and procedures. While reviewing the material, please keep in mind which Cohort your child has been assigned. You should have been notified about your child's designated Cohort (A, B, or C) through an email via Parentlink. If you are unaware of your child's cohort, please contact 702-799-8080 ext 4202.

Onsite Schedule for Cohorts A, B, & C:

Cohort A: Attend school face-to-face on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:10 am to 11:50 am and remotely from 12:30 pm to 2:26 pm. Engage in distance education on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Cohort B: Attend school face-to-face on Thursdays and Fridays from 8:10 am to 11:50 am and remotely from 12:30 pm to 2:26 pm. Engage in distance education on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Cohort C: Engage in distance education on Mondays through Fridays.

(Please see the attached schedule for all BMS-specific times and the CCSD Hybrid Instructional Model Implementation Guide page 3 for generic cohort information)

Our teachers and staff are here to help you navigate this phase of reopening our campus. Please attend one of our upcoming Informational Meetings on Wednesday, March 17th, at either 10:30 am or 5:00 pm. Registration for each session can be completed using the linked form CLICK HERE. The Google Meet link will be sent to your email the day before the meeting. We look forward to answering your questions.


Your Burkholder Middle School Team



We aren't just making sure that we have our keys and wallets before we leave home. Be sure to check your child's health before heading to campus or the bus stop. Please review the material in the link below for details (available in English and Spanish).

Parent and Guardian Guidance: Checking Your Student Before Leaving Home


Masks are required on campus at all times. Only cloth or surgical masks are permitted (no gaiters or bandanas allowed). Face shields are permitted, but only if worn with a cloth or surgical mask. Please view the infographic below for proper mask wearing.

For full details and exceptions, please see Page 30 in the CCSD Hybrid Instructional Model Implementation Guide found on reconnect.ccsd.net.

Big picture
Big picture


Students must bring their fully-charged Chromebook on campus. Students may bring notebooks, writing utensils, and a water bottle from home. Locker access will NOT be available. Backpacks are NOT permitted, but students can bring laptop cases. Students may bring their instrument for music classes and art kits for art classes.

If your child's Chromebook needs repair or replacement, please complete the included form (CLICK HERE).


CCSD Transportation will be reaching out with bussing information through email. If you still have questions starting Friday, 3/19, please call the Student Success Office at 702-799-8080 ext. 4202.


Mr. Hermes, Principal -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4100 or hermecl@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Morlacci, Office Manager -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4100 or morlaja@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Mendoza, Assistant Principal -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4200 or mendome@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Smith, Assistant Principal Secretary -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4200 or villaba@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Maleskey, Assistant Principal -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4202 or malesjl@nv.ccsd.net

Mr. Nagy, Assistant Principal Secretary -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4202 or nagyzk@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Claessens, Registrar -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4065 or claesjr@nv.ccsd.net

Mr. Gongos, Computer Tech -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4015 or gongodj@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Little, Nurse -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4021 or littlpm@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Allman, FASA -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4022 or allmacr@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Deputy, Attendance -- 702-799-8080 ext. 4202 or deputk1@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Bush, Counselor - 702-799-8080 ext. 4301 or bushjl@nv.ccsd.net

Ms. Burkhardt, Counselor - 702-799-8080 ext. 4302 or cadymj@nv.ccsd.net

We are here to help!

Please contact us with your questions and/or concerns!