Westmead Children's Hospital

How Does This Charity Help?

Blending together to deliver a level of support and care for the patients. The diversity extends across all parts of the Hopital at every professional with staff bringing an enormous breadth of experience and expertise that is dedicated and focused on the care and the welfare children.

How Can People Help This Charity?

DONATING! - You can make a personal donation.

Get workplace, schools, community groups and families to get involved in selling merchandise.

Bandaged Bear Big Day Out

Luna Park is the placed to be on Sunday , 9th of September for Bandaged Bear's Big Day Out. This event is an opportunity for Sydneysiders to enjoy an affordable day out packed full of fun, while raising the essential funds needed to continue providing sick children at The Childen's Hospital at Westmead with the highest quality of care.

Interesting Facts

1. The childrens hospital ws established in the 1870's. This s more than about 140 yearsof help care for children.

2. Almost 75% of the children live outside there local area.

3. The first sucessful barrow transplant for children for child luekemia in Australia perform there. Over 37000 children came through their emergency department each year.

4. In 1904 Westmead Hospital was changed to Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children.