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December 11, 2015

Principal's Message

I'd like to start off by thanking Ms. Staton, Ms. Murphy, Ms. Owens, Ms. Roehm, Ms. Harrison, and Ms. Hallman for leading collaboration this week while the specialists were away. You all did a wonderful job and your leadership is appreciated!

Next week you will all have the opportunity to do learning walks at Tallwood Elementary. I hope you find this helpful as a follow-up to the presentation Mr. French did here this week. He also asked us to share feedback with him regarding his presentation. If you have any, please let us know!

Earlier this week, a committee interviewed several candidates for the 2nd grade position (available due to Ms. O'Reilly's retirement) and permanent substitute position. We are happy to announce that Ms. Anna Keane will be the new 2nd grade teacher. She is currently completing her student teaching in 3rd grade at Tallwood Elementary. She will work with Ms. O'Reilly on December 21-23 and then begin on her own when we return from break. Ms. Crystal Terrell will be the new permanent substitute. Today was her last day as a student teacher in Ms. Barkley's classroom. She will begin on Monday. We are very excited to have both of them officially join the Newtown family and congratulate them both on their graduation from ODU tomorrow!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the great weather!

Upcoming Events

Next Week

Monday, December 14:

FOHTA Holiday Presents Distribution in the Cafeteria at 1pm (for students who participated in the summer program)

Tuesday, December 15:

~Progress Reports go home (via EMAIL!!!!)

~Holiday Program at Bayside HS, 5:30pm

Coming Soon

December 21: PAC Meeting, 3:25pm in the library

December 23: Adjusted dismissal, 12:40pm

December 24-January 3: Winter Break

January 13: Staff Meeting, 3:25pm

January 25: PAC Meeting



I, Paulette Brown, give the I Make A Difference Award to Mr. Gregory. He is a nice guy and always willing to help and show us things when needed. He is always willing to go the extra mile. Mr. Gregory, you make a difference!


~The total number of items collected for the canned food drive was 1,222. Thank you so much!!! Mr. Holton’s class had the most cans in 3rd grade, with a collection of 141 cans. Mrs. Holl’s class had the most in 2nd grade with 38 cans. Thank you Ms. Boylan for organizing the canned food drive!

~Thank you Specialists for the beautiful flowers and kind words while I was out. It meant a lot to me that you took the time to do that. -Marlena

~Thank you Hospitality for the beautiful Poinsettia plant and card with the words of encouragement and well wishes. It meant a lot that all of you were thinking of me! -Marlena

~Thank you Jamelia Fisher for loaning the movie “San Andreas” to me while I was recovering. It was nice of you to think of me and a way to get my mind off of the pain and allow me to relax. And it was a great movie! -Marlena

~Thank you 3rd grade Math Teachers for carrying the torch and being the leaders I know you are while I was away. I loved the fact that you not only met BOTH days for CLC while I was out last week, but that you left the attendance AND the minutes for me. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!! -Marlena

~ Thank you to 3rd grade Math Teachers for trying something new with technology. We are all logged into Edmodo and are collaborating this way as a means for professional development. This is definitely new to me and for most of them and I appreciate them taking the risk and doing something with me. This week we discussed fluency and the pedagogy behind it. I posted a few ideas/quotes from “Principles to Actions Ensuring Mathematical Success For All” and asked them to reply with their thoughts or classroom practice. This was an interesting way to hear everyone's voice, learn something new, and have a professional discussion (without reading a long 15 page chapter). -Marlena


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Lydia Hallman: 12/17

Lori Schools: 12/29

Erin Owens: 1/1

Marlena Parra: 1/2

Heather Messick: 1/3

Amy Phillips: 1/8

Theresa Leigh: 1/9

Patreena Hagans: 1/18

Kevin Rickard: 1/21

Cecilia Burns: 1/23

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