It's Time to Take it to Church

Michaela Vick

Too Much Corruption, Power, and Money, Oh My!

Our Catholic church has become corrupt and blinded by the wealth they are obtaining. The church has also begun to apply canonical penalties to the dead and dying. After a person has died, or even as they are dying, the church may no longer impose judgments upon them. Yet, the church continues to judge and penalize those who are dead and in purgatory. This is just one of the many things the corrupt church has done against their people.

Christians are no longer being taught the true values of Christianity. The Catholic Christians are now being taught by greedy priests that indulgences are mandatory. Christians should be taught that if they have more than is needed, then they should not waste their money on foolish things such as indulgences. Christians should also be taught that the purchase of indulgences is voluntary, not mandatory. Christians should be made aware that the purchase of indulgences should not remove the fear of God's wrath. Among the many issues of the church that we must correct, the church teachings are one of the most imperative.

The most frustrating issue of the church is the issue of indulgences. The Pope and priests alike teach that as soon as the money used to purchase the indulgences clinks the bottom of the jar, a person has found some form of salvation. Wrong. Salvation is found through faith and belief alone. The purchase of indulgences incurs the wrath of God. Papal indulgences should not be put before good acts, such as love, yet they are. Both the church and the Christian community seem to have forgotten the main morals and values of the Christian church; churches are now focused on wealth and greed; the people, on saving themselves through false indulgences.

Practice What You Preach

Churches try to "sell" us our salvation, yet they constantly preach to us to live truthful, just lives. How ironic! The Catholic church claims to guarantee salvation by selling indulgences, or "tickets to heaven." Salvation is obtained by the belief in our savior, not by good deeds, and certainly not by monetary purchase. What a way to rip off faithful Catholics.

The sale of these indulgences has boosted the wealth of the many Catholic churches. Just imagine; your priest, a man whom you trust and believe, dishonestly selling you indulgences that will get you nowhere. This problem within the church must be stopped, somehow. We must reform and escape the dishonesty we face if we stay with the indulgence-selling churches.

Michaela Vick


3rd Period World History