Holmquist News and Notes

January 4th - January 8th

Kimberly's Message

Oh My - We made it and we have done an outstanding job this first semester! I'm excited about the 2nd semester and starting the year off fresh in January. I'm really proud of all of our accomplishments and it is evident that your hard work is paying off! Even with our up and downs that we have encountered this year, I believe that we have found different ways to solve our problems as a campus in the most professional manner. Thank you all for a wonderful year thus far! Please take this time to enjoy your family and friends! As always thanks for all that you do and I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Shout Outs

  • Welcome Nurse Hope!
  • Our school saved $25,519 since October by turning off lights, unplugging small appliance, and turning off computers when we leave for the day. WAY to go Holmquist
  • Guerra did an outstanding job as always planning our Holiday Party. We appreciate all that you do!
  • Ms. Deal is doing an outstanding job using technology in the science lab! It is evident that she is enjoying using them with her students and her students are enjoying having them. Way to Go Ms. Deal.
  • Ms. Allie started a girls mentoring group with teenage girls. They made holiday baskets for families and have various topics in regards to social media etiquette and several other topics. Way to go Ms. Allie.
  • I had the pleasure of visiting Ms. Sanchez’ class on the 12th for the introduction of the rubric for her social studies project. The students were so engaged and so clearly focused on their learning. She has a great rapport with her students and they were taking lots of notes on the content. from T. Hooper
  • Parent center for helping with making the bags.
  • Ms. Williams for sending all of the Christmas treat emails.
  • Ms. Jones and Ms. Sandoval for taking all of the santa pictures
  • Ms. Jones for being organized and creating a system for tracking all the pictures
  • All teachers that participated in the door decorating contest - Congrats - Ms. Baez-Salazar
  • Ms. Rodriquez for organizing the door decorating contest
  • Mr, Endsley for always being available and willing to help when there is a need.
  • Ms. Eberle and Mr. Gonzalez were vitally important in helping Ms. Hudson with the online GT testing for 3rd and 4th grade. We finished on time, and I couldn’t have done it without them.

Weekly Calendar

Monday, December 21st

Happy Birthday Ms. Sandoval

Friday, December 25th

Happy Birthday Ms. Valdez

Happy Birthday Ms. Vallarta

Thursday, December 31st

Happy Birthday Ms. Tandon

Monday, January 4th

Staff Arrival 7:45

Meet in LGI at 8:00

Not sure what we are doing in the morning, but we will meet for an hour

11:00 - 12:15 - Lunch

12:30 - 3:30 E-Colors Champions taking it to the next level

Tuesday, January 5th

EDC 79

You may wear jeans

Wednesday, January 6th

EDC 80

Happy Birthday Ms. Wells

80th Day of School

Wear 80s attire

You may wear jeans

Thursday, January 7th

EDC 81

Report Cards Go Home


Friday, January 8th

EDC 82

Happy Birthday Ms. Payton

Spelling Bee

PLC - 8:10

Monday - None

Tuesday - 1st

Wednesday - 2nd

Thursday - 3rd

Friday - 4th

Free Classroom Supplies

The application for foodbank is here. I will also place a hard copy in teachers’ box. Dr. Reyna shared this information and was able to get a lot of items for his classroom!


Our Very Own Mr. Fields - If you need holiday music


You may wear jeans on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Some received a jeans pass for Tuesday and Wednesday, so I will allow everyone wear them on both days. However, going forward please adhere to the dress code. I noticed that a lot of people did not always follow the guidelines. When you wear what you want, it causes me to rethink my flexibility with jeans and how often I give them out. If staff is unable to follow written policy for professional dress and jeans, I will begin to send you home to change and formally document not following policy. For everyone that follows dress code, thank you for doing what you are suppose to do!