Miguel Mendez


A person who is trained to do medical work,esp, emergency first aid, but is not usually a fully qualified physician.

General Duties

Respond to emergencies and accidents.

Employment Trends

expected to grow by 33% from 2010 to 2020.  Emergencies such as car crashes, natural disasters, and violence will continue to create demand for paramedics.

Personality Qualifications

-Honesty-Integrity-Desire to help people-Confidence-Strength in onesself


Post-secondary non-degree award

Schools Of Specialization

Patrick Henry Community College and northern Virginia Community College.


$30,360 per year $14.60 per hour

Common injury or condition treated by this profession

Theres no specific kind of injury, there are all kinds of injuries that paramedics respond to.

Personal Reflection

After learning more about this career, i probably wouldnt want to be a paramedic because of the constant rush in an emergency.

Professional Organization