Gaining Strength

Margaret De Fer

Overcoming Odds

Imagine having your family left in shambles after a terrible car accident, while only being a child. Would you be able to overcome obstacles in order to become a successful lawyer? Listen to the story of my mother, Kathryn Hartrick, about how she has overcome obstacles. Before she was even a teenager her sister was in a devastating car accident, leaving her family somewhat helpless. Even though that was many years ago it will affect her for her entire life. Despite this she has been able to overcome the odds in order to become a successful and independent woman, making her my hero.

A Terrible Accident

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A sister's response

When asked about the car accident her sister was in, here is what my mother had to say:

"It’s something that will stay with me my whole life and of course her too. She is my next oldest sister, her name is Anne and she is about five years older than me. After my freshman year in highschool she was in a horrible car accident where a guy in a truck came onto her side of a two lane road and they were both driving probably over fifty miles per hour and what saved her is that she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt, because the drivers side got smashed into the middle of the car. She got thrown to the passenger's side and she didn’t break any bones but the biggest impact from the crash was her head so she was in a coma for a month. The first time I saw Anne was when she came home from the hospital. It was like she had died and this new person came back."

What is a hero?

Another hero?

While I look up to my mother as my personal hero, I also have an untouchable hero. J.K. Rowling also has a significance to me, making her my untouchable hero.

Thank You

I want to thank my mother for all that she does. Not only has she taken exceptional care of my sister and I, she sets a great example. She gives me the understanding that if I work hard and pursue my goals I can be successful, similar to her. She has shown me that if I want to work I can in the hopes that I will grow up to be independant and strong, and for this I am very grateful.

My mother is a lawyer. She has been a lawyer for a long time working through hardship with high and low points in her career. She put her job and her career above all else in order to become independant, from there she could start a family. Through this she has had to sacrifice and suffer in order to get where she wanted to be. Be it through bad co-workers or a floundering company she has had to stand her ground several times but has done so very well. I remember a time when she had to drive for hours just to get to and from work in order to maintain the lifestyle I had become accustomed to.

Besides her admirable career, above all else my mother is my mom. She has spent time cooking and cleaning while she could have done something else while also exercising patience and calmness if I were to ever get testy with her. She was able to have twins but still work showing that she is selfless and hardworking. My mother is truly inspiring to me for so many reasons but especially with how much she loves me.

More Momentos

Just some pictures that illustrate my mother's life from high school to motherhood.
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