Exercising With Muscular Dystrophy

Beneficial Ways Of Exercising!!

Below are some clips and articles that deal with the topic of muscular dystrophy and how to stay active!!

In this video the trainer gives helpful tips on doing some exercises for people with muscular dystrophy. Since people with muscular dystrophy have limited movement, exercises like this can be very helpful.
Muscular Dystrophy Exercises for the Whole Body

Benefits Of Exercise For Muscular Dystrophy

Here is a cool article that explains some benefits of exercise for people living with muscular dystrophy. In the article there is information on strength retention, better breathing, less fatigue, and some considerations of just how beneficial exercise can be when having muscular dystrophy.

Exercise Is Only As Good As Nutrition!!

Although exercise is a great way to stay healthy, it is important to mention the benefits of a healthy diet. This is VERY important with people with muscular dystrophy. Having limited mobility can increase weight gain which is very detrimental for people having MD. This article goes over important suggestions concerning diet and nutrition for people with muscular dystrophy.