Article 5

By Elora Towne

Summary of the book

Well, in the beginning the world was normal. Now instead of police there are soldiers and instead of arrests there are violations that you can end up killed for. This girl, Ember, had a boyfriend named Chase before he left to go become a soldier after his family died. One day Chase and some other soldiers came to Ember's house and said that her mother had a violation along with Ember. They had no idea what they did but soon right after told they got arrested in an uncomfortable manner. Ember went to a facility almost like a group home but way worse. She had no idea where her mother went though. They were separated. She was in a place where she was told to be a civilized person who in reality was more like a robot. All that happened was that you got orders and you did them. If not well, Ember found out how bad that hurts. She also found out that not all of the people there are so good after all. Her roommate, Rebecca, sneaks out and goes to see a soldier every night. One night she goes and follows her roommate