Come to the Cambrian Time preriod

By : Jackie Tansey


The Cambrian period 544-505 million years ago. This is when invertebrates (boneless creatures) had exploded in to the sea.
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What is it Like

There is shallow water over some ancient continents.
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The Climate

The climate was cool was slowly getting warmer and it was also wet.
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Some Things That Live There

Trilobites, pikaias, sponges, are all animals that live there. Algae and lichens are plants that where there.

The Envirenment

The environment is very different from now. The whole earth is cover in shallow marines seas and oceans.
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Things to See

The beautiful sight of the sun on the water also they different sea

Creatures like clams and sponges are all very pretty.

What to Bring

you should bring an inflatable boat, swim suit, fall clothes, a fishing pole ,extra food, clean water, and water purifier, if you go early in the Cambrian period you would want to bring winter clothes near the end you would want to bring summer cloths.
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The Danger

There are not many dangers because the animals a harmless but you face dehydration starvation and drowning so if someone is afraid of water that someone would not like it there.