Odette's Secrets

Maryann Macdonald // Audrey Peura


Odette and her family, are going through difficult times during the holocaust. During this, she is writing things about it everyday.

Main Characters

Train Sound

Wooden Toy During holocaust

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This is what a wooden toy Odette's father brought her home would look like.


Odette Vs. Her Mother (man vs man) Her and her mother have to avoid conflict between each other to stay protected.

Odette Vs. Herself (man vs self) She faces many challenges she must get through herself.

Father Vs. Society (man vs society) Odette's father is in the war, so he is having challenges with society.

This story is both internal AND external

French and German At War

WWII - The Battle For France 1940 A.D. - Part 1 of 11


This takes place in Paris France, in Odette's home. And the places she runs to.