Isidoro Gallegos, World Geography, 11/8/14

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Paraguay is a very beautiful and large country. Paraguay offers a very large variety a many different breathtaking sights. The weather in Paraguay isn't that bad either. In the summers the temperature is usually around 95 degrees, and about 40 to 75 degrees in the winter.


Most of the population in Paraguay is a roman catholic. Very few are Protestants and the others are Christians.


Paraguay has two official languages which are Guarani and Spanish. Spanish is the more dominant language in Paraguay. More than half of the country speak it, and Spanish is taught in school. Don't get it wrong, a lot of people do speak Guarani. Most of them are bilingual and speak both. To say hello people say "Holla" which is Spanish , or they'll say "Mba'eichapa" which is Guarani.
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About 95% of the people from Paraguay are Mestizos (mix of Spanish and Guarani Native American Descent). Others include Amerindian, Black, European, and Asian.


Paraguay celebrates a lot of different holidays and festivals such as New Year's, Independence Day, Labor Day, Easter, Christmas, and many more. They also have a Carnival in February such as the one in Brazil. Paraguay also has many different types of dances and music. They dance Polka, La Galopa, The Chopi, The Dance of Jars, and more. They have many genres of music such as Polka, Guaranda, Purajhei, and more as well. Paraguay also has a variety of traditional dishes. One of those dishes is Bori Bori which is a soup with dumplings, cornmeal, cheese and chicken. Others include Milanesa, Puchero, and Guiso Popo.


The economy in Paraguay is mostly dominated by agriculture. Agricultural exports in Paraguay has increased over the years especially soybeans. Manufactures are also a big part in exporting.


Many holidays in Paraguay include New Years (January 1), Good Friday (April 18), Labor Day (May 1), Christmas (December 25), and more. Paraguay celebrate Christmas due to their religious beliefs. They celebrate most of their holidays due to their beliefs. In February they celebrate the Carnival just like the one in Brazil. Its a month long celebration of music and dance. They have large parades with large floats and costumes. They have this festival to embrace their culture and religion.
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