Emily Cornelius

All About Emily

I am Emily Cornelius, and I come from the small town of Lynchburg, Tennessee; better known for making Jack Daniels Whiskey. On the days that I am not in school, I enjoy my time babysitting a sweet 18 month old baby, Ben. Also, during the summer I am usually found at the baseball fields watching Jonathan, my little brother, play. Every Sunday morning I have the privilege of teaching a Sunday School class, which consist of the preschool children. I am a very family oriented individual, so every Sunday after church I spend the day at my grandmother's having lunch with my family.

I am a very goal oriented individual, and I set personal goals in order to better myself. Obviously, my biggest goal right now is to obtain a Bachelor's Degree and hopefully have my own classroom, within a short two years. Once I have accomplished this degree I hope to continue my education and acquire a Master's Degree in Special Education.

I personally feel like I am a simple individual who enjoys life, and would like to make the most of the life given to me.