Teens, Family, and Success

in the 1940's-50's

Teen Life in 1946-1952

Being a teen and living in the 40's and 50's was not easy. You are forced to conform into a single square box definition of a teen. You have to be clean-cut and precise, and that could be a struggle for some people. Some teens, for example, might not have enough money to afford perfection. In a world like New Trier, people are judged on having the right clothes, hair, and even atitude. It can be impossible for some to reach that, especially if you can't afford it. If you can't fit in, some emotions would arise. A person would feel sad and humiliated to walk into school everyday and look different than everyone else. You might act out or rebel against society if you can't fit in. You might also just retreat in on yourself and hide from the conforming people as much as you can. And no one could help you. If you were stuck in a world of sticking out and not fitting the mold, you have no one to turn to.