Adolf Hitler

Biography by : Emily

Hitler's Childhood

Hitler was born in Branau an lnn, Austria, on April 20, 1889 and was the fourth of the six children born to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl, When Hitler was 3 his family moved from Austria to . As a child Hitler clashed frequently with his father, Following the death of his younger brother

Hitlers marriage

Hitler was married to Eva Braun, Eva was a longtime companion of Aldolf Hitler, for less than 40 hour's, Braun met Hitler when she was 17 years old, while she was working as an assistant and model for his personal photographer, and began seeing him often about 2 years later. She attempted suicide twice during their early relationship, By 1936, she was part of his household at the Berghof near Berchtesgaden and lived a sheltered life throughout World War ll, Hitler and Eva had been married for 40 hours and both committed suicide in a sitting room of the bunker, she died on (April 30, 1945, age 33)

How hitler got started

He was the leader of Nazi Germany (1934-1945), he joined the precursor of the NSDAP, the German Workers party, in 1919. In 1923 he attempted a coup in Munich to seize power. After his release in 1924,Hitler gained against popular support by attacking the Treaty of Versailles. Hitlers image was to hurt lots of people for no strange reason.

How Did hitler have a positive or negative effect on society

He was both. Positive for those who believed in his society Germany was in hard time and Hitler was their source in life. His vision created the autobahns, advances in medicine, efficient cars are to name a few. How ever, Hitler was a Nazi Leader which is a big negative impact on the world. His mind telling him to kill and hurt lots of innocent people. He sent them to concentration camps and then to a gas factory.

What makes Hitler interesting

What's makes hitler interesting is that I get to learn about him and see how it was like in the nazis, and see how his life was and learn that he was a bad person and couldn't be trusted, but we got to learn the age that he died at (56)

Interesting facts about Hitler

  • Committed suicied at age (56)
  • Married Eva Braun age (33)
  • Married for 40 hours
  • Leader of Nazi Germany
  • Has positive and negative effects on society

Why I chose Hitler

I chose Hitler so I could learn what he has learned what he has done in his life, when he was born and when he died, who he was married to and much more, my main thing I wanted to learn was about the nazis and how it all started in world

Hitler overcoming obstacles

Hitler failed and took risks a lot of the time, His biggest risk was committed suicide with his 40 hour wife he took the biggest risk in his life, And when he sent people to concentration camps then into gas factories Hitler was not a good man he was an (EVIL) man, Know one could trust him in any way shape or form, Even though he was the Nazi Leader their are people in the world now that are a lot bigger then he was

Hitlers effect on people

Hitler had a really bad effect on people and the world he would try to kill and hurt people for no reason, He would send them to concentration camps and then Hitler would send them to gas factories and kill them in any way he got, Hitler had a bad life growing up when Hitler was younger brother passed away.

Events that shaped Hitlers life

Lots of events shaped Hitlers life when he became that Nazi Leader, and started sending people to concentration camps then sending them to gas factories to kill them, Adolf Hitler was a evil and bad man he tried to kill lots of children and adults for no reason, Hitler probably had a reason for killing so many people he probably didn't but that still does not give him the reason to kill lots of people.

Adjectives for Hitler

  • Mean
  • Evil
  • Dead to people
  • crazy
  • Bad person
  • different

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