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Welcome Parent Packet School Year 2016-2017

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Dear Parent(s),

Hello! As the school year comes to an end and we begin our preparations for another school year, we want to welcome all our new families to our TerraNichol Academy family. We welcome back all our existing families as well. I thought we would let you know that the TerraNichol Academy staff and Teaching Team will be busy preparing for the upcoming school year over the next two months.

Our teaching team prides ourselves in our professional care of our students here at TerraNichol Academy and look forward to educating your children. You are a part of our family now and we would like to extend an open invitation to stop by the office throughout the school year for informal visits. Our doors are always open to you and we value your support and input in your child’s education and development.

We offer a calming setting geared to the needs and interest of each child. We try to take into consideration individual differences and special abilities as well as family cultural patterns.

We have an exciting year planned with many different learning opportunities. You will see new things when you return and have the chance to engage and interact with many new and old friends. We are fine tuning our learning environment labs and the natural playscape garden and have enhanced our training as a community teaching team. We will continue to grow and refine to make your child’s preschool experience positive and successful. As we begin our school year, we welcome you to our growing family and invite you to put down your roots. The Welcome Packet will be sent mid July which will include school calendar, events, curriculum, parent handbook, volunteer co-op information and so much more. Please save all documents on your computer to review and use as a resource throughout the school year to stay informed.

Documents will be sent through Smores Blog, Google doc and Google doc links as some documents and forms are large in file size.

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Cultivating a Vision-TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Reggio Emilia Preschool

Cultivating a Vision-TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Reggio Emilia Preschool

Imagine a school where teachers…

Imagine a school where students…

Imagine a school where families…

We imagine a school where teachers are inspired by the students, families, and environment that they are immersed in each day. Teachers will take a vested interest in the whole child, meeting each child’s personal and educational needs. The teaching team will nurture and support each student whole-heartedly, with respect, understanding, and love in an environment that is warm, secure, and an extension of home. Where the teaching team is valued for their vision, their delight in children, their skill, heart and knowledge, a commitment to families and their ability to play.

We imagine a school where students are excited, inspired, and encouraged to engage and interact in the aesthetically beautiful environment from the point of arrival. We imagine students who are valued for their ability to do meaningful work, and respected for their ability to play and wonder. We imagine for students to become citizens of their natural world by respecting and investing in the well being of our environment.

We imagine a school where families are valued for their bonds and traditions, their ability to play, their commitment to work, home and community and their dreams for their children.

During one of our training workshops we were inspired by an article that really resonated with us at TerraNichol Academy of the Arts. We found this quote both meaningful and inspirational: “Beyond the right of having a school is the right to have a school that is beautiful and taken care of with an attitude of care so that parents, children and teachers want to come to school every day. We have in some ways confused luxury with care”

We believe that terms such as luxury and expensive have been overused in our society often with negative connotations and used improperly. The gift of giving your child an inspiring educational experience is priceless. The reward is providing your child with the passion to become a life long learner eager to engage in new adventures. Having a beautifully aesthetic quality environment is at no means a luxury. It is the right of every child to have provided for them during the most important stages of development (0-7yrs) the window of opportunity to build the foundation as they begin their educational journey.

In conclusion a quote from Vea Vecchi stating the following:

To conclude, we believe that identifying and researching beauty and ethics is the indispensible foundation for a livable, sustainable future that everyone speaks about but that seems so difficult to bring about. It is only with an intelligent heart, with courage and with vision that we can proceed.


The Visionary Director Second Edition, by Margie Carter and Deb Curtis. RedLeaf Press 2010.

Tedx Talks seminar Vea Vecchi: Beauty and Ethics are Foundational to our Future, by Vea Vecchi referenced by Jennifer Azzariti Website: http://cadwellcollaborative.com/vea-vecchi-beauty-and-ethics-are-foundational-for-our-future/

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Junior Kindergarten


The Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program

About the Junior Kindergarten program:

Our teaching team strives to weave the Reggio Emilia approach to Early Childhood Education throughout our content areas for this very unique program offering Half Day, Full Day, or the 540 only instructional hours. The Reggio approach is known for its small-group work, integrated projects, and hands-on learning, often with natural and recycled materials. The school is built on a foundation of great educational thinkers and the philosophy of the world class Reggio Emilia schools in Reggio, Italy. Such programming is based on the belief that children and young people are powerful learners who think reflectively and who collaborate with one another as they ask good questions, explore their worlds, build problem-solving skills and develop creative skills for twenty-first century careers.

In such a learning environment, the individual strengths and needs of students of all ages will become well known by the staff, enabling them to support and guide each child's unique learning patterns and passions.

TerraNichol Academy of the Arts offers hands on exploratory junior kindergarten program. Students engage in math, science, literacy, and social skills through creative, meaningful activities. Learning takes on a more organic approach as teachers build off of each student’s interests and needs. While respecting the expectations set by the Department of Education curriculum is introduced with a creative, fun, and developmentally appropriate approach. The activities are centered around a common theme creating a cross-curriculum approach to learning. Students also have the opportunity to expand knowledge of arts and music through our unique enrichment classes including art appreciation and music appreciation, Zumba, creative movement, Spanish, Italian, yoga, gymnastics, martial arts, drama, and culinary arts. We feel it is essential to have small work groups. Our classroom ratio for Junior Kindergarten is 1:10.

The Reggio Emilia Approach at TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Preschool

Chronicling the Early Educational Process: Documenting a child's unique educational experience is a pivotal part of the Reggio Emilia approach to early education. This aids the teacher in keeping track of a child’s development and ensures the curriculum in is line with their individual needs. It gives the child a reference so they can more fully experience and appreciate their own growth. Parents are able to visually follow their child’s development, allowing for a more productive collaboration with teachers. At TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts Preschool we take videos and pictures to capture special moments as your child grows and flourishes. We have a weekly blog, offering tons of detail for a busy parent who wants to get a bird’s eye view to their child’s week.

Children Are Empowered in the Early Educational Process

The Reggio Emilia approach to early education enables children to cultivate and value their own voice. Although TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Preschool offers a structured curriculum, there is plenty of room for self-awareness and appreciation, allowing the educational process to be driven by the child’s individual inclinations. The day often begins with the questions, “What do you want to create today?” “What is your plan for the day?” or “What are you interested in this morning?” Teachers are constantly altering the learning process to cater to what the individual child wants or needs to learn about.

A Community Based Around Your Child’s Early Education

The people that surround your child have strong influence over how they relate to themselves and the world around them. A supportive community is required for children to truly develop their own voice. The Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education makes teachers; parents and children equal partners in the learning process, creating a strong community revolved around your child’s success. At TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts Preschool, parents are highly involved.

School Schedule: The Junior Kindergarten Program here at TerraNichol Academy of The Arts is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday hours 8:30-1:30pm: 540 only instructional hours. Extended Junior Kindergarten days and hours at TerraNichol Academy of The Arts is Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and Monday-Friday 8:30am-1:30pm. Extended School Day parents would be responsible for yearly tuition.

The only time you will here us refer to something as The Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program is when we need forms signed, attendance, attendance notes, or parental certificates need to be signed by parents each month. Please do not refer to our program, learning environments, or events by the VPK program. Our program is not defined as VPK. Our program is Junior Kindergarten with a Reggio Emilia Approach. The term VPK is something used by the department of education not TerraNichol Academy of The Arts.

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Junior Kindergarten School Schedule

TerraNichol Academy of The Arts New Junior Kindergarten School Schedule.

School Schedule: The Junior Kindergarten Program here at TerraNichol Academy of The Arts is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday hours 8:30-1:30pm: 540 only instructional hours.

Extended Junior Kindergarten days and hours at TerraNichol Academy of The Arts is Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and Monday-Friday 8:30am-1:30pm. Extended School Day parents would be responsible for yearly tuition.

The teaching team feels that the longer day will allow for extended curriculum.

Many parents are thrilled with the new school schedule as it allows for a longer day and travel time is more feasible. Parents have expressed that arrival and dismissal time frame was too close together.

When Children Come Home Messy. What To Wear To School?

What students should wear to school.

Students should wear light color loose fitting school clothes. Develop a set of school clothes just for school that students may get messy in. Shoes should be comfortable running, climbing or riding safe shoes. All sandals should be closed toed. Dress your child in shoes that will not hinder their gross motor development. Black shoes and black clothing tend to be very hot.

All clothing and shoes should be free of super heros or any type of symbols that may convey violence per our school policy. Our campus promotes kindness, respect and a peaceful environment.


BE THANKFUL.. They are positively developing all domains of their development.

  • social/emotional development
  • physical and motor planning development
  • cognitive development
  • creative/critical thinking development
  • self-help, moral and adaptive
  • language and literacy


  • problem solving
  • sensory
  • communication
  • socialization
  • collecting, researching and investigating information
  • approaches to learning
  • kindness, sharing, respect for others, respect friends words and respect for the environment and school.
  • exploration
  • building language vocabulary and writing skills.
  • stem, math, and science
To name a few.
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Optional School Supplies List 2016-2017

School Supply List for 2016-2017

We believe in giving children time to play outdoors every day. We believe in the rights of children to be able to feel the grass beneath their feet, the sun on their face, experience the natural rhythms of the seasons and breathe fresh air. We believe this is essential to everyone’s well being and development. We believe in nurturing and protecting our most precious gifts – our children and our planet. Student will have many opportunities to riding scooters or bikes, play in the rain, jump in mud puddles, and make mud pies. Each student will arrive on the playscape each morning unless the weather poses danger such as lightning.

In order for the students to fully participate without restrictions or frustrations in everyday exploration and discovery please see the recommended optional school supplies list below and pictures.

Over the years the teaching team has recognized which supplies hold up best for the entire school year, are easily done by the students self help skills, and within their development.

Again the school supplies are optional for Junior Kindergarten 540 hours only program.

  1. Plain Hard Bike Helmet-(Please no characters or superheros)
  2. Rain Suit
  3. Rain Boot Covers for Shoes
  4. 1-box of eco friendly tissues
  5. 2 complete sets of change of clothes stored in school backpack to keep on campus. (two include: socks, extra pair of shoes, and underwear.)
  6. 1-framed family photo 5x7 only (great summer project-student could decorate a frame for the family photo.) Family photos are on display in the front area know as the rock room for students creating a home to school connection.
  7. 8x10 family collage to add to our school family book for the learning labs which can be made by the student. Include pets, grandparents, aunts or uncles, etc.

If your child requires an requires Epipen, Benadryl or other medication due to allergic reactions, please provide a valid prescription and necessary medications labeled with your child's name.

Waste Free Lunch Program

Waste Free Lunch Program

TerraNichol Academy is a waste free campus.

We use reusable trash bags, compost, recycle, reuse, reduce and upcycle.

All students will participate in our waste free lunch program.

A waste-free lunch program is a process of educating students, parents, and school staff about where our trash ends up and how we, as individuals, can reduce the amount of trash we generate. Waste-free lunch programs favor the use of reusable food containers, drink containers, utensils, and cloth napkins. They discourage the use of disposable packaging, such as prepackaged foods, plastic bags, juice boxes and pouches, paper napkins, and disposable utensils.

What to pack in your child's A Waste-Free Lunch?

(REUSABLE) See example picture below.

Sandwiches and other main dishes, fresh fruit, and fresh vegetables in a reusable lunch container.
cloth napkins and cloth mat
stainless-steel forks and spoons
reusable drink containers
reusable lunchboxes

*With this type of lunch, lunch food items can be bought in larger quantities. The packaging can be left at home for reuse or recycling. Waste-free lunches are not only a wise environmental choice, but they are less expensive as well. Disposable Lunch verses Waste-Free Lunch.

Waste-Free Lunch



$477.00/Per School Year

Disposable Lunch



$723.60/school year

Need lunch items?






Where to buy waste free lunch supplies?

TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts Eco Friendly TerraSoul School Store.

Mighty Nest- We earn 15% back to the school. Click find School Enter our zip code 34223 Start shopping.

Planet Box


Teacher's favorite pick is the Planet Box.

The lunch box is durable, easy for all ages to open and unpack lunch. The lunch bag holds cloth mat, napkin, utensils and drink cup. You can order small containers for liquid and ice pack is chemical free. Lunch bag seems to stay clean and can be washed on delicate in washer and left to air dry. We have seen the lunch bag and box hold up for 3-4 school years so far.


All forms of communication here at TerraNichol Academy of The Arts

All forms of communication here at TerraNichol Academy of The Arts.

As an certified eco friendly preschool an a effort to save the trees and protect our planet. We have made a commitment to keep all forms of communication paperless.

Ways we keep our parents, followers, community and teaching team informed.

  • Smore's School Weekly Blog sent via email.
  • School Computer message at arrival and dismissal-Read your message after checking your child on the computer
  • Parent boards throughout the school
  • Email
  • Facebook School Fan Page-Let's become friends!
  • Tweet us! Follow us on Twitter
  • Instagram-Let's stay connected.
  • Pinterest-follow our pins
  • Google
  • Linkedin
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Attendance and Parent Choice Certificates

PARENTAL CHOICE CERTIFICATE- name and date the certificate with the Educational Program Director. At the end of each month The Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program parents will be required to sign and date the Parental Choice Certificate to be submitted to the Early Learning Coalition of Sarasota County. It is the parent’s responsibility to sign full name, print full name and date accurately.

Attendance and Absents

AUTHORIZATION/ATTENDANCE – It is the responsibility of the parent per Department of Education and TerraNichol Academy of The Arts that you must sign your child on the attendance computer as well as the attendance sheet located by the attendance computer for arrival and dismissal with your first and last printed full name. You will not hold us responsible for any liability for allowing anyone authorized by you to pick up your child. Your written authorization will remain effective until you notify us in writing of its termination. You will notify us in writing if you wish to add a new person to be authorized to pick up your child and agree that, if circumstances prevent you from delivering an authorization in person, we may rely on an authorization provided by you on the application. Parents must follow the attendance polices set fourth by TerraNichol Academy of The Arts to attend the Junior Kindergarten program. Students must have a consistent attendance to participate in the program. All absences must have a written excuse or a doctor’s note.

**All parents are required to email the school in advance if your child will be absent. No Exceptions.** Absents must be reported by 8:15am by email as teaching team members are engaged in the learning labs by 8:30am.

Optional Co-op Parent Volunteer Program

Co-Op Cooperative Volunteer Program

When you enroll your child in an high quality early childhood Reggio Emilia school, you become directly involved in their early educational career. In addition to complying with school policies, regulations, and department of eduction polices. TerraNichol Academy of The Arts family honors a number of commitments.

Optional CO-OP Volunteers Hours.

Parent will honor 3 hours per each of the four quarters.

  • Work as a helping parent: Parent helper will assist teaching team as a parent mentor, prepare activities, prepare projects for the month, sewing dramatic clothes, repairing toys, book orders, garden helper, making play dough or gak, bubble maker, care for stella bunny on breaks and donate food and supplies for stella bunny , or donate supplies each month for the learning lab projects are some of the examples of jobs. There are a variety of opportunities to fit every family's interest, schedules, and needs and families select their top choices before beginning of the new school year.

Participating in our school aid co-op parent volunteer program hours requirements calls for a moderate commitment of time from our families. Our TerraNichol Academy families over the last 11 years felt it is well worth it and in turn receive the rewards of close involvement in their child's school life and the satisfaction of working within a small family community for the benefit of all. Parents' contributions of time and talent to school is an important way for children to see that their education is valued by those they love. It forms a strong bond between parent and teaching team members as well as mutual respect.

Please comment below in the blog any talents or ways you would like to participate this year. Remember "IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD."

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School Campus will be open on August 2nd from 8am-10am for parents.

Student School File Completed Before First Day of School.

The teaching team will be available August 2nd, 2016 from 8-10 am.

for parents to submit any remaining forms or questions they may have for the program. All outstanding documents including shot and physical, TerraNichol documents, photos and any other requests must be finalized on or before this date or your child's first day will be delayed inevitably. We will not be collecting any outstanding items to complete your child's folder after this date. Parents can drop off school supplies as well on this date. Please ensure that you have labeled clearly all of your child's belongings.

We have a new social media policy that all parents will need to sign and date. See form attached to the school blog at the bottom. Please submit via email by June 18th, 2016

Reggio at RPNS: The 100 Languages of Children
Reggio Emilia Approach 1

About The Founder

About The Founder

Terra Tominelli Founder of TerraNichol Academy of The Arts had a dream to open a preschool with an environment rich of possibilities, where learning would be meaningful and visible to the community and parents would be considered as partners. Terra’s dream of creating a preschool that “re-­‐thinks what education should look like” became reality in 2006. She inspires her students to be “Creativi”, which means “creative children in Italian”. TerraNichol Academy of The Arts is a preschool for ages 18 mos.~ First Grade. The preschool incorporates the internationally acclaimed Reggio Emilia approach to learning, which is designed to support, promote and deepen investigation, curiosity, autonomy, communication, exploration and social interaction in young children. Everything here in our learning labs has a meaning and TerraNichol Academy is compromised with many “ateliers” or working studios with themes. In addition, children have access to the Atelier “Art Studio”, Piazza “Social & Dining” area, Atelier D’Acqua “Water Exploration Area”, Parco Gioci “Play Garden”. Students also participate in enrichment workshops such as yoga, drama, Spanish, Italian, culinary arts, music appreciation, sustainability methods, creative dance, and gymnastics.

Terra Tominelli ~Founder of TerraNichol Academy of The Arts has worked with children in a variety of settings over the years such as Reggio Emilia teacher, preschool director, visual & performing arts teacher, consulting, and playscape design.

Don’t let the beauty fool you! The real beauty is the children, families, and the educational project here. ~Terra Tominelli-­‐Founder

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TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts Innovative Reggio Emilia Preschool

TerraNichol Academy of the Arts Innovative Reggio Emilia Preschool

TerraNichol Academy of The Arts School is the kind of school parents expect, educators celebrate and children adore. Our approach to learning celebrates the great potential of young children, with the goal of nurturing self-motivated, life-long learners. The learning labs are guided by our Master Teachers as well as the Founder of TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Preschool with low teacher-to-child ratio to allow for one-on-one engagement and thoughtful observation. Join our small community school for a backstage tour and be inspired by our thoughtful team of Early Childhood Educators here at TerraNichol Academy.
Come and Explore our Reggio Emilia program at TerraNichol Academy acclaimed for the stunning environments, their educators who create, provoke and dazzle the students senses, invite curiosity and discovery, and most importantly, foster strong, respectful meaningful relationships.
Come learn about the values for children in the program:
Being a home away from home..
connecting children to their families..
helping children to be powerful and active..
being a steward of the natural world..
seeing oneself as a capable learner..
recognizing and being curious about..
We provide a school environment that is beautiful and taken care of with an attitude of care so that parents, children, and teachers want to come to school everyday.
It is with intelligent heart and courage that we continue our goals and vision to continue to proceed the work of a child.

Submit a letter of intent and school application by visiting our website if you will be attending the Tour. www.terranichol.comhttp://www.terranichol.com/index.php

Please click on link below, fill out form and submitted via email.

1. Sign and Date form

2. submit via email

3. Deadline June 18th, 2016