"Broken Chains"

By; Gary Soto


  • The main character in this story is a boy named Alfanso, a twelve year old boy. He doesnt really have a lot of money. His families mexican and his parents dont really have a lot of money. Alfanso has a brother named Ernie. Ernie is about two years older than him.


The problem in this story is that Alfanso really doesnt have a lot of money. He wants to be really perfect. Kind of like a pretty boy. Accept he doesnt have the money !!! Its really hard for him to get girls. So when he runs into a girl who he think might like him. He wastes no time and kinda asked her out on a date. Well a bike ride. Said he bring his brothers bike.


Family will always come through for you.


My review on this story is i actually thought this story was really good. It teaches you a really good lesson. Dont give up on your family, because at the end of the day they'll come through for you .

Destiny Vasquez

Im a female and im thirteen years old. im really smart, well uhm kind of. But im 5'3 the average hieght. I like making others people happy, well if your not annoying me.My mood is very bi-polar. I believe I have some angre issues but oh well...