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April 2022 Newsletter

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Thy Kingdom Come

These past months at GUMC have been full of love, laughter and learning. It is wonderful to see just how much the children have blossomed and grown since September! Our preschool community is a world of child-like wonder that continues to touch our hearts with giggles and smiles, singing and sharing, compassion and kindness. In Matthew 19:14, Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these." At GUMC, we are blessed by a glimpse of God's kingdom everyday!

During the month of April, we will continue to "pick up the pace", having planned lots of activities in celebration of spring. Children will be learning about God's springtime creation and creatures - from bees and bugs, to farm and zoo animals. Spring brings with it hope and new life. We love sharing the story of Easter with your children and how Christ’s death provides us a new life. We hope that your Easter season will be filled with rejoicing!

Blessings, Miss Kim

God's Blessing rest upon you

This Happy Easter Day

God make His joy to shine

As sunlight on your way;

God fill your heart with song

So glad it will not cease;

God bless you every day

With love and joy and peace.

What's Happening?

April Calendar

4-1 Rescheduled Paly Date with Dad for Miss Val's Pre-K Clas

4-4 Library Visit for Pre-K Classes and MWF 3's Classes

Rescheduled Paly Date with Dad for Miss Cindy's Pre-K Class

4-5 Library Visit for TuTh 2's, older 2's and 3's Classes

Rescheduled Paly Date with Dad for Miss Michelle's Pre-K Class

4-6 Christian Kids with Miss Denise for Pre-K Classes

4-11 through 4-15 GUMC CLOSED for Easter/Spring Break

4-16 GUMC Church Easter Egg Hunt, 10am

4-18 GUMC CLOSED, Easter Monday

4-19 GUMC CLOSED, Teacher Work Day

4-20 Classes resume, Music with Miss Amy for MWF Pre-K and MWF 3's Classes

4-21 Music with Miss Amy for M-Th Pre-K and TuTh 3's Classes

4-27 Music with Miss Amy for MWF Pre-K and MWF 3's Classes

4-28 Music with Miss Amy for M-Th Pre-K and TuTh 3's Classes

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Join GUMC for Holy Week

April 10th: Palm Sunday
9:30am Worship Gathering
in-person & online
What is Palm/Passion Sunday

April 14th: Maundy Thursday
7:00pm Worship Gathering
in-person & online
What is Maundy Thursday

April 15th: Good Friday
7:00pm Worship Gathering
in-person & online
What is Good Friday

April 16th: Easter Egg Hunt
10:00am Community Easter Egg Hunt
(hopefully with baby bunnies)

April 17th: Easter Sunday
10:30am Worship Gathering
in-person & online
(please note time change f
or Easter Sunday service only)

What is Easter

Education Station

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Respectful Parenting Is Not Passive Parenting

One of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of parenting is also the most critical…providing children the boundaries they need to feel secure. Janet Lansbury shares her thoughts on this topic in the following article on Respectful Parenting.

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Community and Educational Resources

GUMC preschool maintains on-going communications with MSDE OCC (Office of Child Care), the Howard County Child Care Resource Center and the Howard County Health Department in order to stay current with new and existing referral and early intervention resources to share with parents, caregivers and staff members. These resources are identified, kept current and shared annually in the Family and Staff Handbooks and can also be found on our website at Families are encouraged to share concerns as well as resources they may need or find helpful. If a teacher, through daily observation and assessment, suspects that a child might need assistance regarding a possible disability, they will communicate their concerns to the parents and refer them to the Infants and Toddlers Program or Child Find. Several educational resources and contact information are listed below:

Care Center: 410-313-2273

(Serves children who need behavioral support)

Child Find (ages 3-5): 410-313-7046

(Serves children with delays or disabilities who need special education services)

DSS- Child Protective Services: 410-872-4203

(To assist children believed to be neglected or abused)

Health / Nurse Consultant: 410-767-1853 contact: Majula Paul

Howard County Public Schools: 410-313-6600

HCPSS Enroll for Kindergarten: 410-313-5693

Howard Co. Resource Center: 410-313-1432 contact: Joan Johnson

Infants and Toddlers (under age 3): 410-313-7017

(Serves children at risk or with developmental delays)

Licensing Specialist: 410-750-8601 contact: Sara Moran