Spike That Volleyball!

By: Reagan Layne

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The Histroy:

Ever since I can remember I’ve want to play volleyball.  And watching it made me want to just run on the court. I realized that when I played I felt like a totally different person. And it was something I really enjoyed, I found myself playing it 24-7 in my front yard.


    Focus get your head in it. You want the point. Ready go! Left, right, left. That’s all that plays through my head as I call for that set! ‘’C” Jump Reagan, jump as high as you can. You got this. See that hole right there in the middle, yeah, aim for  that!!
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Swing! Swing As fast as you can. The faster you swing the harder you hit it! Open your hand and follow through have where you want to hit it in the back of your head and be spotting on the court.
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As the ball leaves your hand on a perfect touch, you search to see if it was returned, hoping it wasn’t. the feeling you get once that point whistle blows, knowing you got the point is almost unimaginable. It feels like it’s you on top of the world as your team surrounds you congratulating what a nice hit it was. In high school I plan to be that one player that stands out and everyone knows. And pushing myself to that point now will hopefully get me there!