Middle School News - February 5th

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Message from Ms. Roletto

6th and 7th NEIGHBORHOOD PROGRAM Families - Middle School Transition for next year

Because of the middle school next year, neighborhood program students will be attending Harrison Park MS next year. Principal Leah Dickey held an informational meeting Thursday night, and as promised, here are the links and materials from the meeting.

Bridger’s Administrative Staff are committed to engaging 100% of Bridger families impacted by the transition of Bridger to a K-5 for the next school year.

This week we started the Neighborhood Middle School Transition.

We had a virtual meeting on Monday evening:

The video of this meeting

The presentation we shared

The questions and answers document

On Thursday evening families were invited to a virtual meeting with Harrison Park:

The video of this meeting

The presentation shared

Here is the survey so that we can know what families are thinking about this transition and so that we know if you have any questions that need to be answered.

Ms. Roletto

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Madison HS wants your opinion!

Community Feedback on School Name Finalists

The committee for the renaming of Madison High School has thoroughly reviewed all community input received for a recommendation of names. A list of finalists who meet district policy, committee principles, and vision for the new name of our school has been selected and those are below.

Now the committee is seeking community feedback to help inform their final proposal to the superintendent and the school board. Your input is greatly appreciated. The Renaming Committee will begin deliberations on 2/11, but will still consider input as late as 2/14. This survey will close at 9 a.m. on 2/15.

Link to the survey! Survey

MAP Testing (Math and Reading)

When in the building, we usually have an assessment called MAP which gives us a snapshot of how kids are doing in their work towards meeting learning standards.

We haven't administered the assessment since last winter due to COVID and Distance Learning.

This is a low stakes test and is not the state SBAC assessment students usually take in the spring.

Week of February 8th students will be taking the one for math and

Week of February 15th students will be taking one for reading.

Your student's Math and Language Arts teachers will be, or have communicated with students and families when during the week that will happen for them.

Administering this assessment virtually is new for all of us so if you have questions, please feel free to email Ms. Roletto at groletto@pps.net

6th Grade will be doing VIRTUAL Outdoor School starting next month! Student kits are ready for pick up at Supply Pickup

Important Dates

Feb 8-19 MAP Testing

Feb 9th - Virtual Field trip - National Geographic

Feb 15th - No School - President's Day

6th grade Outdoor School sessions

MS "Lunch Hangout Times"

Opportunities to connect w/ others and counselor:

Ms. Howard office hours: CODE: howardoffice - Fridays 9:40-10:20

6th drop-in Lunch Group - CODE: 6lunch - Mondays 12:30 - 1pm

7th/8th drop-in Lunch Group - CODE: 78lunch - Tues 12:30 - 1pm

Student Council – CODE: bridgerstudentcouncil – Fri 1:10–1:55pm

QSA Group – Email Ms. Howard for code - Fridays 2-2:30pm

Ms. Howard can be reached at 971-378-0470 or rhoward@pps.net

COUNSELOR WEBSITE: https://sites.google.com/pps.net/bridger-k-8-counseling/home

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Google Meet Codes and Office Hour Codes

Most Middle School Office Hours will happen on Friday from 9:40 - 10:25am

Link to class and office hour codes: MS Google Meet Class Codes (updated)

Student Emails and Google Calendar

The middle school team will also expecting students to be checking their student email regularly.

  • Mr. Roletto will be sending information about activities throughout the year
  • Teachers will confirm appointments with students

It's a skill they will need to have when they get to high school and expected to use.

Also it will be important for students to use their email because we WANT to text students, but we aren't able to use REMIND messaging directly with students as some parents have asked because their is an age requirement that most of our students don't meet.

Organization tip for students - WATCH

Here is a way to organize the links and documents you want accessible right away when you start your day. Helps save time and you don't have to remember how to search for things.

Video link: Ms. Roletto's organization tip