Mrs. Licata's Weekly News

David Harrison Elementary

April 4th- April 8th

Dear Second Grade Families,

Make sure to ask your child about our new class pet!! We will be naming this new friend tomorrow. We will soon have 4 or 5 more class pets to join us in our room.

We are trying something new with our newsletter this week and plan to keep it up throughout the end of the year. Students will take turns being reporters and working collaboratively to write an article for our class newsletter. (See Below)

Our field trip to the Butterfly Palace is this Friday. Please help your child remember to wear a DHE shirt and to also bring their lunch if signed up to do so. Can't wait to see so many eager smiling faces on this adventure.

*We have a very engaging activity planned to go along with the Human Life Cycle so please make sure to read the bolded words at the bottom of the newsletter to know what to send in.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to let me know!


Mrs. Licata


A Poetry Menu and three poems will come home with your child on Tuesday. Students will get to choose which 3 poems they want to bring home to complete three squares on their Poetry Menu. This will be due on Friday, April 8th.

Math homework: Students will have a choice on what math homework they want to complete this week. Thier choices will include homework over Measurement or homework over multiplication. This homework will come home on Tuesday and will be due by Friday.

Important Dates

Our SPECIALS Schedule

Monday: Tech Time with Mr. Rowell

Tuesday: Discovery Den/Counselor
Wednesday: PE and Music

Thursday: Art

Friday: PE and Music

Please send your child in tennis shoes on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Monday MUNCH BUNCH *Special lunch for all students who completed 60 minutes along with 5 unique lessons on Dreambox along with completing their Lexia minutes and 5 unique lessons.

April 5th-DHE Night at Texas Roadhouse 4-9 pm

April 8th-Butterfly Palace Field Trip to Branson

April 15th-No school (teacher word day)

April 18th-DHE Night at FDs 4-8 pm

April 18th-22nd Spring Book Fair (70s theme)

May 19th-Last Day of School

May 26th-First day of June session EXPLORE

At DHE we Collect . . . Box Tops, Pop Tabs, Campbell’s Soup labels, Best Choice labels, and used ink cartridges.

Our Class Projects from the Students' perspectives!

Six of our classmates buddied up today to write articles for our class newsletter. Students chose a project we are working on in class to write about from their perspective. We will change which students get to write an article each week. Students took this very seriously and did a great job working together to write these.

Our Learning Goals


We completed our letter writing unit and our Flat Stanleys are on their way to their destination through the mail. As each Stanley returns, the owner will create a poster or a google slide presentation to share the adventure Stanley went on.

We will begin our Poetry Unit this week and explore all different styles of poetry! We will read poetry, listen to poems, create original poetry to share with friends and family!!


Students will continue to explore Nonfiction texts! We will use the text features to research information from these texts! Text features include: table of contents, index, glossary, captions, headings, maps, labels, charts, graphs, headings, etc!


Our Telling Time Unit can be quite tricky when students are working with the terms quarter after, half past, and quarter til as well as a.m. and p.m. With that being said, students had the chance to look back over their chapter test on Friday. I circled problems they missed and gave them the opportunity to correct their mistakes. In addition, I gave an additional assessment today over Time to see if there were still any students needing some additional support with this skill. I will be pulling students who need this extra support throughout the week in small groups so they head to 3rd grade as Time Masters!

We will also start our Measurement Unit this week and explore feet and inches! Students will use rulers and play dough to get a hands on sense of how long inches are. We will also be going on a scavenger hunt throughout the school using real tape measurers to explore inches and feet.


We had our first butterfly emerge today during math. There was much excitement in our room and we so enjoyed watching the butterfly come out of its chrysalis. This week we will research and create a model of any life cycle students choose.

Please send in a baby picture of your child any time this week. We will use this to show the human life cycle. Students will get to guess who is who from the baby pictures!!

*This can be in email form or a picture from home. I will make sure to send this picture back home after we are done with this project.