Nuremberg Trial

Camryn Wilson

Hans Frank

Hans Frank joined the Nazi Party in 1927 and became Minister and Reich Commissioner for Justice in 1933. He worked for Hitler. While Frank was under administration, 2.5 million Jews in occupied territories of Poland, were sent off for slave labor.
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Hans Frank

He is the one bent over. Frank acted as if he didn't know that thee was cons infraction camps even though they were only 30 miles away from his head quarters. Thirty-six volumes of his journal was brought into the courtroom on October 8th. Frank soon then confessed that he knew about these camps. People say that his confession, was more of a civic confession rather Han an individual one.


Hans Frank was sentenced to death by a hanging.


I think that this was the right thing to do. He acted like he didn't know about these camps which is sick and wrong. Hans Frank could have saved many lives if he wasn't on Hitlers side. I think that any crime against humanity should be sentenced to death. If they think it's right and okay to torture someone, then they shouldn't have the right to live.