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What is Art?

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Albert Einstein

Art is a prevalent theme in this week's newsletter. It is in the introductory quote, and it is also displayed later in our classroom feature on Mr. Deegan's class. As used in the context of the above quote, art is the skill acquired by observation, study, or experience. Art, as depicted later, is the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects. In the world of education, these two seemingly separate definitions for the same term often merge as one, and if done correctly, awaken the joy in creative expression and knowledge that all of our students posses. This synthesis does not happen automatically, magically, or by default. It takes the relentless efforts of our Rock River Rockstars to make this happen, and they do so willingly on a daily basis. It is great to work in a school where I have the privilege to see our educators practice their art everyday, and in that art inspire our students!

Upcoming Events

  • Monday (9/24) CPI Training 8am-4pm @RR Library
  • JHVB @ UW Lab School 4:30/5:30pm
  • Thursday (9/27) K-12 Assembly RRS Gym 9:51am - 10:25am
  • Friday (9/28) School Day for Students
  • HSVB @ Saratoga 4pm
  • Saturday (9/29) HSVB @ Encampment 2pm
  • JHVB @ Saratoga 10am; @ Encampment 12/1pm
  • Thursday (10/4) JHVB @ Guernsey 4:30/5:30 pm
  • Friday (10/5) & Saturday (10/6) No School - Students
  • HSVB @ Buffalo

Longhorn Nation - Mr. Deegan's Art Class

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