A Magic pen for sale

Asking price 100.000€

This item is in perfekt shape and are availble for 100.000€


Im selling my designer pen for 100.000€.

This pen is not a normal pen sometimes it can transform in to a dragon when ur despretly in need of a dragon,and if u need some thing else it tranforms.

Big image

You would need it and also have allt of fun with it.

More info

The pen has no name becouse it never had a real owner.

The pen grown from the tree of knowlege.

I found it in a well when i was looking for a penny.

You see before i found this pen i was despretly in need of money.

Now when i have used the penn for a couple of mounths i understand that it need a owner that use it for its real purpose. Why i selling it for 100.000€ is becouse Im sudely broke