stirring up kindness

by Henry Terlevich

Did you know over half of the world's population has insufficient food?

I decided to do something to help. I went to a homeless shelter in December called Project HOME. I made food for the organization and they gave the food to the people who needed food.

Here is what I learned when I was doing my Think Care Act project.

1. I learned that over half the world has no food to eat usually from the area they live in or because they don't have a job. I went to an organization called Project HOME that gives people a place to live and food to eat.

2. I helped by making food for them and giving the people of Project HOME food. I made cookies, cupcakes, and brownies for the people at Project HOME. After that we put tin foil on them and put them in the car and went drove to Project HOME.

3. When I got there, I took all the food out of the car and went inside the building and set up their lunch. I got to meet some people who now have homes and food because of Project HOME. I had a great time and felt so good after I did that. I felt like anyone no matter who they are can change the world no matter what.