Video games #1

3DS is basically a ds with a new feature of going 3D But you must play a 3D game to go into 3D motion which is a amazing feature.

3DS #2

I have a 3ds its amazing I got a lot of games a few examples are 4 pokemon,kid Icarus uprising,and super Mario 3D land.But my favourite game of all time is Pokemon X and Pokemon Y I have the y version

3DS #3

Also they sorta made 2 new 3ds's 3DS XL and 2ds 3DS XL is basically a 3ds but way bigger.And 2ds is a ds which allows you to play 3D games without using the 3D function


I hate to admit it but i am a HUGE fan of pokemon and this is their best yet.Its not that i dont like other games but pokemon x and y is just their best yet

3DS #5

Also 3ds has this friend and mii code function like wii or wii u you can add friends and they can give you power ups or helpful things in your game.Even play online together


here is a video of capturing Yveltal in pokemon Y as one of the best legendaires
Pokémon Y - Part 24 - Catching Yveltal (Playthrough/Walkthrough)


The new pokemon x and y has this new evolution called mega evolution but you can only use mega evolution once per battle


the picture above shows all mega evolution but the second row second pokemon is a event mega evolution which is probably the most strongest


the first row the first and last one are legendary pokemon the first one is exclusive for pokemon X and the last one is exclusive for pokemon Y


and the second row first one and last one are exclusives to but the first one looks coolor which is weaker which is exclusive to pokemon X and the last one is tougher and exclusive to pokemon Y


Thats my interest in the 3DS and i hope you learned something about pokemon x and y :D