Never Let You Go

By: Emma Carlson Berne

you always want what you cant have

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A girl named Megan cheated with her best friend boyfriend at a party that her friend Anna wanted her to go to. Every month she always says sorry. Then the summer come and Megan and Anna go to Anna's uncle farm house. When Anna got there she saw a boy named Jordan and started to fall in love with him. But Megan Stared to like Jordan too. Anna got mad at her for liking him and tried to hook her up with one other the other guy working on the farm. Megan didn't find one of the boy okay. The summer goes on and on and Megan falls hard for Jordan but Anna is getting mad. By the end of the summer Megan and Jordan get to together.

favorite part

My favorite part of the book is when Anna goes away for the summer leaving her best friend and her boyfriend. Anna wants Megan to go to her boyfriends party. Megan can't never say no to Anna, so she goes to the party had a few drinks and end up dancing and making put with her bests friends boyfriend. When Anna came back she found out and broke up with her boyfriend.


My opinion on is book is that its a good book, Emma is a good author and when she is writing i fell like she wants you to fell want what Megan is feeling and what she is going through. When we went to the library and chose owner books the cover catch my eye.


I dislike this book because I don't think the title fists when the book, Because Anna and Megan are falling fort he same guy. I liked this story Megan and Anna go to the farm to help out for the summer and try to find love.
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I rated this book a 5 out of 5 because it was a good book and i want to read more books by this author. Emma is a good author.


I recommend this book to anyone who love to read books about to friends falling for the same guy only to find out that the girl who really wanted him didn't get him.

why i chose this book

I chose this book because when I saw the cover and it look cool and looked like a good story. BUT the cover really dragged me into the book and i want to read more.

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