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Katniss' Skills

Katniss was born and raised for the Hunger Games. She is an excellent hunter, who spends a lot of her time in the woods. She is a perfect shot with a bow. In DIstrict 12, she always brings in squirrels and rabbits that are shot through the eyes. Katniss also has been raised with minimal food, so she is used to this type of situation. Katniss has an extravagant knowledge of plants and can tell delectable berries from deadly ones. All this adds up to an ultimate surviving machine, since she is stealthy and swift also. Why wouldn't you want to sponsor?

Why Katniss?

The career tributes who win most of the years have stashes of food, large pyramids. Well that's gone now. They will really be at a disadvantage now and Katniss has all the necessities. She is able to survive without a lot of food, are they? With Katniss' bow skills she can take any of them out since she has a range advantage.

History in the Making

District 12 hasn't had a tribute make it this far since Haymitch won the 50th Hunger Games. When Katniss wins it will be a historic moment and all sponsors will become RICH!


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