Aortic Bicuspid Valve

Cardiovascular Disorder

what it is?

-A bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) is most commonly a congenital condition of the aortic valve where two of the aortic valvular leaflets fuse during development resulting in a valvethat is bicuspid instead of the normal tricuspid configuration.

who it affects...

-actual cause of bicuspid aortic valve disease is not completely clear.

-the two-leaflet valve develops in the early stages of pregnancy, and the defect is present at birth.

- about 2% of the population has BAVD, and it is twice as common in males as in females.


-chest pains

-difficulty breathing

-pale skin

-loss of consciousness (fainting)

-rapid or irregular heartbeat

-baby or child tires easily


-surgery is a option

-it can also be controlled by Lisinopril which a blood pressure medicine that can help slow down the back flow into the heart

-it can also help to have a healthy lifestyle

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