Parenting 2015

By Jekwaun May

The parenting in 2015

The parenting in isn't the same as it was years ago. Parents now in this generations try to be like another friend to their kids. They don't punish there kids when their kids did something bad, then on the other hand when they try to punish their kids with spankings they law gets involved, or they take away their kids stuff people say that they took their punishment to the extreme. Some parents don't even act like they love their kids. There are parents in the world that drink and take their frustration out on their kids. They physical and mentally hurt their kids and it messes up the kids life.

Parents do BETTER!


Be good parents to the kids of todays world. Give your kids all the loving and care you can give. Make sure the punishment is moderate and not to brutal nor to light. just be a great parent to your kids.