The Holocaust

What does the Holocaust mean?

Holocaust was the murder of 6 million Jews and millions of others by the Nazis and their colabortion s during world war ll

Who were the people that were killed in the Holocaust?

Jews,Roma,Gypsies,Soviet political commissars and others

Who were the "Nazi" ?

The nazis were the force behind the start of world war ll
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What does the name "Nazi" stand for?

national socialist German Party

What 4 factors contributed to the rise of the Nazis and Hitler?

  • chanceller
  • they will take their civil rights
  • he gets kid of the office of president
  • toke over leadership

Who were the SS?

The ss were the "schutzstaffel",german for "protective initially served as Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler's personal bodyguards
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What were the 4 main ways that nazi's tried to control the public opinion?

  1. your own newspaper
  2. propaganda speeches
  3. culture
  4. education and youth

Anti-Semitism and Nazi Propaganda


hostility to or prejudice aganist Jews
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