Week #7

The Shield of Faith

Welcome to week #7 of Home-made JAM!

Summer is here! We are so excited your family is joining us this year for our newest Summer program, Home-made JAM. The blessing of this program is as a family we invite you to dive in deep or just dip your toe into this adventure. We believe you will have an opportunity to bring your family together with other families to grow in your faith, make new connections, connect deeper with family and friends, and discover the armor God gives each one of us to fight against the evil in this world.

If you have missed any of the week's lessons, you can find them at www.splgrafton.org/fig

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Wondering how to begin? Watch this video Week #7 - The Shield of Faith for an introduction to this week's lesson and information about the activities for this week.

In the Bible, Paul talks about the spiritual battle we’re fighting against evil and tells us to put on the shoes of peace that comes from the good news about Jesus. Just as shoes help a soldier walk safely in a battle, the shoes of peace help us when we face bad and hard things.

Let's Sing!

Part of the FUN of Home-made JAM is the songs your kids (and you) will LOVE!

This week we again have two songs we will use to help us focus on the Shield of Faith. The first one, Stand Strong will be familiar to you! This song reminds us that no matter what happens to us in life, God helps us to Stand Strong against it. The second song is another one we have sung as a part of Home-made JAM this Summer. There's Power in the Blood reminds us of Jesus' death on the cross for us, and how His power helps us to face everything that comes up in our lives.

Take some time to learn these songs and sing them with your kids!

Talk-About Video - Noah's Ark

We’re learning that we fight evil with faith. Noah had to have faith that what God said would happen would really happen. Let’s see what happened to Noah.

Watch Noah’s Ark

Ask your family which joke was they thought was the best joke in this video.

  • Since animals can’t really tell jokes, what do you think Noah did to stay entertained while he was on the ark?
  • Would you want to go on a boat ride for that long? Why or why not? Which animals would you want with you?

Noah had to have faith in God!

  • He had to trust God that it really would flood.
  • He had to build an ark just like God said to.
  • He had to trust God to gather all the animals for the ark!
  • He had to have faith that the scary animals wouldn’t hurt him.

We fight evil with faith when we believe God will do what he says.

Craft - Rain Gauge


  • Rain Gauge Instruction handout
  • empty 16-ounce water bottles (1 per person)
  • scissors
  • clear packing tape
  • permanent markers
  • rulers
  • 12-inch dowels (1 per person)

Make a Rain Gauge

  • Follow the instructions on the Rain Gauge Instruction Handout (above)
  • You can also use permanent markers to decorate the bottle. You may also want to write: We fight evil with faith. You could also write some of God’s promises “I’ll always be with you,” “I’ll always love you,” “I’ll always forgive you,” and “I have good plans for you.” Don’t color so much that you won’t be able to see the water level in your bottle.
  • Put a dowel against the bottle so that about half of it extends below the bottle. You’ll want the dowel on the opposite side of the bottle as your measurement lines.
  • Using packing tape, wrap the bottle well so the dowel is securely attached.

Talk About It

After the flood was over, God made a promise to Noah. God said he would never again flood the whole earth at once.

  • Talk about if you have faith in God’s promise to Noah.
  • The promises you wrote on your bottle? Why did you choose those?
  • How much do you trust those promises?

Your rain gauge may get pretty full. It could even overflow! But you can have faith that no matter how much rain we get, God won’t flood the whole earth again. Your rain gauge can remind you of that and other promises from God, and that you can have faith God will always do what he says he’ll do.

When we believe in God’s promises, we hold tight to our shield and we fight evil with faith.

Deeper Bible - Trust Me!


  • Bible
  • pool noodles (2)
  • duct tape
  • painter’s tape

Talk About Faith

Noah trusted God would do what He said He would do. That’s faith! God promises to take care of us and give us what we need. We can have faith that God will keep His promises. Sometimes God takes care of us by sending people to help us.

  • What are some ways people have helped you?

Walk Blindly

Play a game where we need help. We’ll take turns walking across a pool noodle bridges (a set of pool noodles), but we’ll do it with our eyes closed! It might be hard, but we can have faith that someone will be right there to help us.

  • Give everyone a turn to walk across the pool noodle bridges, one at a time, with their eyes closed. Have someone hold the hand of the person walking across.

We couldn’t see the person holding our hand, but we could feel them helping us. Sometimes we can’t see God or feel Him guiding us. Noah had to have faith in God, even when he couldn’t see or feel Him.

  • Walk across the bridge again with your eyes closed, but this time don’t hold the hand of the person walking across. We can have faith that they’ll still be right there, ready to catch us if we fall.
  • Have someone walk alongside the pool noodle bridge, ready to steady the person on the bridge if they start to fall.

God’s evil enemy wants us to worry that God won’t take care of us. But the Bible tells us we can always trust God’s promises. When we believe God’s promise to protect us, we fight evil with faith!

Wrap-Up - Shield and Shout

Commit to Faith

Let’s commit to fighting evil with faith! Have one person name some things that the enemy could do to try to hurt our faith, and you’ll respond to each one with: We fight evil with faith. As you respond, hold out your hand like a shield.

Read the following sentences, having everyone else respond after each one.

  • When people try to tear down our faith…
  • When people tell us God isn’t real…
  • When people say Christians are stupid…
  • When we can’t understand God…
  • When difficult times come…
  • When we can’t see God at work…
  • No matter what happens…

Pray: God, we’re committed to trusting You and holding on to our shields of faith. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Need more of the resources from your box? Here is where you can download the resources we will be using for this week's Home-made JAM.

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