by Ryan Franks 4 and 5

Analysis of the Development of Theme

I think that the conflict influences the message a lot. Because I think the message was if you have a problem, someone will help you. For an example Freak has a problem with his legs and Max helped Freak by putting Him on his shoulders so he did not have to walk as much. So Freak decided sense Max helped me I will help him learn how to be smart. So he did Freak showed him how to use a dictionary and how to read and he was helping him write. That is what i mean by someone will help you. So that is why the conflict influences the message a lot. And the conflict also helps to form the theme. And if the story did not have a conflict the whole thing would be happy with no action.

Reflection and Application of Theme

My reaction was not that big but I knew the theme was that we need to be honest and helpful. Because when they ran into Tony D. Max put Freak on his shoulders and Freak lead Max to know where they needed to go. I do agree with the theme because during the whole book there were many spots where they show help and honesty. I know that the theme applies to are lives because we all need to be honest to everyone and we also have to help people that are in need. That is why I think the author did a great job developing the theme. It was so clear to see the theme so that is why i think he did a great job. He did not just tell use the theme he gave us clues to figure out what the theme was.

Visual Represent


They story is about two teenagers one is crazy tall and one is short. They both have disableties. Max has a problem with thinking straight and is not very smart and Freak as a problem with his legs and he also can't grow at all. At first they did not really like each other but by the end they were great friends. So they both have problems and they are both helping each other. For an example sense Freak has bad legs problems Max was very kind and helped him fix that problem. And Freak helped Max by showing him how to think better. Something that also happened in the book is that Max's dad is a really bad guy and everyone thinks Max will end up like him.