Tech Bytes

Your Weekly Techspiration! - 9/16/13

Student Work on S: Drive

All files on the S: Drive (Student Shared Drive) will be deleted on Monday, September 23rd. If you want to save any student work from last year as samples, please back it up by the end of the day on Friday.

If your current students have already started saving to this space, let me know so I don't delete their work!

Constitution Day Resources

The Tech Integration Wiki contains a page of resources for Constitution Day: Digital resources are listed at the top of the page, while ideas for student projects incorporating the METS are listed toward the bottom of the page.

2013/14 Building Schedule

Monday - Audubon

Tuesday - Worcester

Wednesday - Woodland

Thursday - Arrowhead

Friday - Eagleville

I am available to model a lesson, co-teach alongside you, or support you as you or your students use a new piece of technology for the first time. I have the flexibility to divert from this schedule as needed, but having a "building day" is helpful in planning lessons and scheduling meetings.