CamTech Connection

May 16 - 21, 2016


- Please remember we are using Educator's Handbook for our discipline referrals. If you are writing up tardies, please put which tardy it is and the dates of the tardies (ex: 3rd unexcused tardy 9/12/15, 10/4/15, 11/15/15). The following link provides resources if you need any help with Educator's Handbook:

- Please make sure you check the CamTech Google Calendar for upcoming is filled in for each upcoming month and any upcoming events throughout the school year.

- Two Google Docs have been created (CECHS To Do & CTHS Accomplishments); please make sure you are contributing to them!

- TUTORING: Please remind students of tutoring opportunities on Tuesdays & Thursday


Just a reminder from last week's CamTech Connection - beginning May 16th, all students will report to Bruin Success in order to begin preparing for exams. Please make sure you are informing your students.

My understanding is that you will release students who eat breakfast at 9:55AM and they will eat before 2nd period.

If you have any questions, please see me.


  • The following website by the Amerian Association of School Librarians lists the top apps for 2015:

  • CANVAS mobile app: Have your students download the CANVAS app on their phones or other devices to keep up with your class. To find CamTech on the app, type

  • Released Forms for NCFE & EOCs:


AM: Costa

LUNCH: Forbes

PM: Lilly


Monday, May 16th

DAVIS - Principals Meeting @ 9AM

DAVIS - Rotary Luncheon at 1PM

Senior Awards @ 6PM

Tuesday, May 17th

Wednesday, May 18th

Lilly Field trip to COA

Staff/SIT meeting

Thursday, May 19th

Friday, May 20th

State Meet - Track

USCG JLP Spring Salute @ 10AM

Yearbook signing (more info to come)