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Sven Kramer world champion

Sven Kramer was Saturday talking to the press in the catacombs of the Kometa-ice rink in Russia. He didn't feel well the whole week and said that he wasn't fit. But after the 10 kilometers, he also won World Championship gold in the 5,000 meters, his seventh. "This makes me more happier, because I know how I feel", he said.

Short Trackers on second relay at World Cup finals in Dordrecht

The Dutch short-track team won Sunday at the World Cup finals. At the individual distances the Orange skaters did not reach finals on the final day . Our dutch favorite Sjinkie Knegt, had a terrible accident on friday. He fell hard on the ice and he can forget scating the rest of this season. He saw in the hospital on TV how his team mates won the silver medaille.The Dutch were not strong enough to catch the victory in the World Cup. The Canadians were too strong!

Jorien ter Mors took gold in the 1500 meters

Jorien ter Mors said Sunday that winning the 1500 meters at the World Single Distance Championships in Kolomma was a " very special moment " in her career. "The 1500 meters is a nice distance and I'm happy with my time" said Ter Mors too the press. The time she clocked in the first race was 1.53.92. No one of the other women could scate that fast in the following races. "It was very exciting waiting so long" said Ter Mors.