Welcome to your Role of Course Rep!

Welcome to your role as Course Rep!

First of all, the Students’ Union would like to thank you for taking on this role. Being a Course Representative allows you to improve the learning and teaching on your course which ultimately benefits current and future students.

The scheme is overseen by the Students’ Union alongside the Student Voice Representative scheme so that students can voice their concerns through appropriate channels that are independent from the University. The Students’ Union is an entity in its own right and is there to support students with any academic or welfare matters they may encounter throughout their time in Higher Education.

As a Course Rep, you will be asked to gather opinions from students on your course and pass this on to your Course Management Team. You can do this by attending meetings with staff which happen once per term (called Student Staff Course Liaison Groups), but you should also be in regular contact with your Course Leader, who can help you resolve any issues as they crop up throughout the year.

Course Rep Training and Handbook

The first thing you should do now you have been elected is find out dates of Course Rep training and decide which session you want to attend. A list is available on the Students’ Union website.

This training is compulsory for all Course Representatives and we are holding a few sessions on each campus so that you are able to attend. You can come along to whichever session is most convenient to you; it doesn’t have to be on the same campus that you are studying on.

Attached to this email is your Course Rep handbook. You should read through this to start to familiarise yourself with the role. Once you have done this, you should start to raise awareness of your role in your class – it is your responsibility to ensure students and staff know who you are and what you are meant to be doing.

Become a Course Representative in 2015-16!