land forsale in the "bottle colony"

$0.12 pre acres

this amazing pice of land for sale now

this amazing piece of land with grate soil and pliantly of sun light. This cheap land for only $0.12 per acre and if you buy 10 acres you can get each acre for ONLY $0.11.

$0.12 per acre


This large piece of land is very beautiful peice of land is in the west of texas and right above the Rio Grand. It is great for farming and very privite from other neitheors. There is a small town about 95 miles form this peice of land.

when your in need of land call Hayden the dealer man


You can't pollute the rivers or lakes. livestock must be keep and stay on ouners properity. You may not kill or still other peoples livestock or crops. The burning of brush or trees must be monitered at all times.


My name land has rich soil for farming and lots of water near by. The grass is green for feading livestock. There is a town near by to get saplise if needed. There is a local militariy base near by for protection, and plues the land is very cheap.