Newsletter week 6 Term 2

East Gore School June 11th 2021

Principal's Report

Tena Koutou, Talofa, Namaste, Hello and Greetings

Another week has just disappeared and apologies that this is a day late.

Yesterday I was out at the Eastern Zone Cross Country organising this event and supporting the East Gore students who were competing. These three students who competed showed determination and perseverance to complete the challenging track in muddy conditions. They represented the school and themselves brilliantly with a smile on their face. Casey placed 22nd, Marie placed 18th, and Blake placed 14th in their respective age groups. Congratulations for doing so well with your places, this is the top runners within the Gore District and West Otago. Ka pai!!

The teachers are busy collecting information around where your child's learning is and the progress they are making. This information will be used to write your child's mid year report showing and celebrating their progress. These reports will be sent home on Friday 2 July in your child's bag. If you would like to discuss your child's report, please pop in and see their teacher. There will not be any formal interviews set for this so just make a time that suits you and your child's teacher. They are more than happy to discuss these reports.

Throughout the school year teachers share work via the Seesaw app. This app is easy to download through a QR Code which can be given to you by the classroom teacher. The great thing about this app is the students are able to share their work and then parents can write comments about it. If you need to send a message to the teacher, you can use the app as well. If you are not connected let the office know and we can help you out.

This week we have also celebrated support staff week. These are very special people in our school who support many students across the school. Nicola, Sharon, Amy, Diana, Ruth, and Sara are super heroes without capes who put a lot of time and energy into supporting students in all the classes they are in. Nothing is a problem and they just get on with the job. Mr Boyer (Nev) is our super hero outside keeping our grounds looking great, and showing your children how to fix or build a variety of things in the morning. He has a number of apprentices following him around. Lastly, Mrs Nicholson in the office is my last super hero. She keeps the office area in tact and keeps me ahead of what I need to be doing especially when I am hanging out in classes. Thanks to all these people for all that they do around our school, you make it a great place to work!!

Kia pai tō rā whakatā (have a great weekend).

Wendy Kitto


This week we welcome Croydon to Room Kauri.
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School Notices


The start of winter illness is starting to affect our students. Please keep students home if the are unwell and help slow the spread of these coughs and colds. We have also had a vomiting bug doing the rounds, remember that a student must be 48 hours clear of any vomiting or diarrhoea before returning to school.

Reporting an Absence

If a student is away from school for any reason we need to know. Please text, phone or use the school app to report an absence. We need a reason for absence please, this a legal Ministry of Education requirement so please don't be offended if we ask for this.

Cellphones at School

We are noticing a few students are bringing cellphones to school. They do not need them at school because we have numerous devices for the students to complete school work on. If your child needs to bring a cellphone because of an after school activity, they must hand it in at the office. At the end of the day they can collect it from Mrs Nicholson.

Lunches in School

Koha Kai are suppling a lovely range of lunches that our students enjoying this term - mac cheese is a definite hit!.

Unfortunately the daily fruit we were enjoying last term is not been supplied this term, we would ask parents to please send morning tea and something for healthy snack each day - ie: piece of fruit/cheese/nuts/yogurt.

Staying in Touch

Please remember to update any changes in your contact details to the school office, its very important that we have you latest details in case of an emergency. Thank you.

School Photos

Could all school photo orders please be returned back to the school office by next Friday 18th June.

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Matariki is a star cluster that begins to rise in the last few days of May and into June. This symbolises the coming of the Māori New Year. Each iwi can celebrate different aspects during the period of the 19th of June to 11th of July for different reasons.

East Gore School is inviting all Whānau (family) to share with us an afternoon whakanui (celebration) on Wednesday 30th of June.

Our celebration will begin at 2pm with a welcome, we ask that whānau wait in the library and you will be welcomed into the hall by your tamariki followed by kai (food).

When this has concluded you may walk around and look at the art everyone has created.

In honor of the Matariki’s connection to whenua (land) we ask each family plant a native to signify new beginnings for the Māori New Year - plants will be supplied.

We will also have an open hour between 5pm and 6pm if you are unable to come earlier due to work to enjoy our art and plant a native.

Freeze Ya Bits Off Busking.

The choir had a fun time singing outside Country Living and we were thrilled with the support from Whanau. The children were great role models of the school values out in public.
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Cross Country

Well done to all our students who completed our school cross country last week. It was great to see those struggling "dig in" and get over the finish line.

Our Play is the Way focus for Term 2 is.

Last Term we had a big focus around ‘doing the right thing,’ it has been a good lead in to treating others as you would like them to treat you.

Respect is a very important quality to have at East Gore School and this focus will help to encourage this.

We have introduced some games that all of the classes can play to enforce “seeking to understand those who are not like you.”

Room Kauri - Rugby skills

We have enjoyed learning new rugby skills with Josh from rugby Southland.

Thank you Josh for coming into our school and sharing your skills with all of us.


On Wednesday Brooke, Sophia, Marie and Addison attended the GRIP Leadership course at the Croydon Lodge. They all thought it was a good experience to learn about how to be a leader in our school and into the future.

Highlights from the day:

Sophia - was the loud noises group, where you had teams and I was in the "like a tiger" team. We had to say our name and make the noise and show that we were a team.

Marie - was to plan something we could bring back to East Gore and make it happen. I, alongside the others have a grand plan that we are working with Ms Kitto to put into action.

Addison - was when they dressed up as primary students and role played what primary school looks like. It was funny and chaotic. It taught me to listen carefully to all instructions.

Brooke - I really enjoyed the games we played at GRIP. I learned a lot about being a leader. I really enjoyed talking to kids from other school and hearing their ideas about making their school a fun place to be.

Watch this space from these four leaders when they put their plans into action around our school.

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Senior Camp - Chocolate Fundraiser

Bars of chocolate are available again for those senior camp students wanting to fundraise. Each box contains 30 bars @ $2 each.

$24 profit is made from each box sold which comes off your camp cost.

Please see Debbie in the office to collect your chocolate!

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Breakfast Club

Just a reminder Breakfast Club starts at 8:30am and finishes at 8:53.

Thank you again to our volunteers who provide this service - if you would like to be involved for half an hour any day of the week please contact the office - helpers are always very welcome.

A huge shout out to BP Gore who very generously donate bread to Breakfast Club.

Upcoming Events

  • June 11th Assembly
  • June 18th Southland Cross Country
  • June 21st BOT Meeting
  • July 9th End of term 2
  • July 26th Start term 3

Community Notices

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