EMS ISD Administrator March Newsletter

What Parents Need in a Meeting--Personal Reflection

I had a very personal experience this past month as I sat as the representative for my 87 year old mother in her care meeting at Senior Care, a nursing home facility. Here I sat in a new environment with staff who I did not know and did not have any type of relational history who were now taking care of an individual very precious to me--my mother. Yes, I had seen a few in the hallways as my mama had been living here for a few weeks before her first care team meeting. As I sat in this meeting, I felt nervous and apprehensive. This was new to me; I suddenly realized this is a how a parent must feel in an ARD.

As I sat in the meeting, I wanted validation that I was a good person, a person who they knew was doing the best I could. I wanted to hear evidence that they knew my mother, not just her as a person with bed. I wanted them to know how she interacted with others, her likes and dislikes, and how she engaged as a member of this new community. AND, I wanted them to be able to share this knowledge with me. I wanted to hear the plan they had for her to grow in her new environment and how they would implement that plan. I wanted them to ask me about her, seeking my input for best decisions to be made.

I also knew they needed validation. I realized I had a responsibility to acknowledge their areas of expertise, be genuine in my feedback and needs, and be kind.

For this partnership to work successfully, we all needed to be active, caring members of the team so the best interests of the individual could be addressed. In this case, it is my mom. For our parents, it is their most precious possession--their child.


Professional Learning

Summer Hours & Calendar Information

Summer Hours 2017:

Beginning Monday, June 5, and ending through Friday, August 4

  • Monday-Wednesday hours are 7:30 am-5:30 pm with a 1/2 hour lunch
  • Thursday hours are 7:30 am-5 pm with a 1/2 hour lunch
  • Friday all campuses and offices are closed

Shut down week for the district will be July 3-7.

We will return to regular hours on Monday, August 7. New hire week is August 7-11 and teachers return Monday, August 14. Convocation is Tuesday, August 15, 9 am at CTHS.

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EMS ISD Exceeds Goal in "Have a Heart for Reading" Book Collection

In preparation for the District's 2nd Annual Reading Festival, students and staff from across the district donated just over 30,000 books in the month of February. Elementary campuses collected a total of 17,589 books; secondary campuses collected 12,756 books. Elementary students who RSVP for the reading festival will not only receive a new book when attending, but they will also have a chance to select gently used books which were donated via the book drive.

Congratulations to Eagle Mountain Elementary, Boswell High School, and Creekview Middle School who collected the most books per elementary, middle, and high school campuses. A variety of incentives will be awarded to campuses and teachers who collected the most books. By exceeding the district goal of collecting well over 20,000 books, the impressive amounts of support reveal the strong commitment in our district to building literacy skills.

SAVE THE DATE! April 10th, 2017 2nd Annual District Reading Festival, 5:00 - 6:45 PM

BHS, SHS, and CTHS will each host the event. More details will follow soon about the event.

Dates to Know

March 6-April 5--Telpas Assessment Window

March 13-17--Spring Break

March 22--Wednesday Walks

March 23--DLT

March 24-- End of 9 Weeks

March 27--Board Meeting

March 28--STAAR Math 5 & 8; Writing 4 & 7 & ELA I

March 29--STAAR Reading 5 & 8 &

March 30--STAAR ELA II

April 3--STAAR Alt Window Open;

April 5-- Wednesday Walks with Cadres 3 & 7

April 6--LiiNK Cohort 3 Training

April 6--DLT @TCC Fire Center

April 7--ALI II Instructional Rounds

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