The Monkey Paw

Presented by: Breanna Goines


It starts on a stormy night, Mr. and Mrs. White and there adult son Herbert are sitting cozy by the fire. Soon Sergeant Major Morris arrives; he’s been in the army for the past 21 years. He tells the Whites his adventures and shows them a monkey paw that can grant three wishes. Mr. White wants the paw, but Morris tells them people get hurt when there wish is granted. Morris tries to burn it but Mr. White snatches it and buys it. Then Mr. White wishes for two hundred pounds of money to pay for the house. The next afternoon Herbert was killed in a machinery accident. Mrs. And Mr. White buried him in the cemetery two miles from their house. Mrs. White was so desperate to get her son back; that was her wish. But Mr. White that is was a bad idea, and it was.

Challenge Connection

The challenge connection that i think Mr. White was facing is using one of his second wishes to bring his son back from the dead. Mrs. White really pushed him to use his second wish, so Mr. White really had to decide if he wanted to use his second wish or not; or if it would cause consequences.



The conflict in the Monkeys Paw is that each time a wish is granted it brings consequences.

Protagonist/Antagonist Characterization

Protagonist- Mr.White, because he's the one who really drives the action, which what happens when he buys the monkeys paw and using it to make three wishes.

Antagonist- Sergeant Major Morris, because he's the one who showed it to the whites; plus he was trying to resist the urge to throw it in the fire. But something tells me that might of been a trick for him trying to get rid of the monkeys paw.

The Monkey's Paw Trailer


Supernatural, family, death

Supernatural- The Monkeys Paw

Family- Mr. and Mrs. White and the son Herbert

Death- Herbert

So theres many different themes in this story.

Other Connections!!

Death in the family can relate to this story, not supernatrual but in general death. And family who go in the army and have stories and such to tell.