Digital Coaches' Corner

Week 16 3/30/15

PARCC Testing

We have officially completed the third week of PARCC testing and we think it was very successful. This is our half way mark. The 2nd grade will start with a trial test on 4/7/15 and then EOY testing starts on 4/27/15. We want to thank everyone for their patience and perseverance during testing. Also, we are not available to help with questions much during PARCC and we know that can be frustrating. Thanks for waiting until we can get to your help tickets. The End of Year test is all completely computer graded and we are suppose to have results back before the end of the school year. Please feel free to email us with suggestions for improving PARCC next year.

Classroom of the Week

Mrs. Beiermann's Social Studies Classes

The students in Mrs. Beiermann's classes are creating their own Oregon Trail games. After the students learned how to make an interactive Power Point, they were very focused on their creation. The students are researching the route, the occupations of people on the trail, the supplies they brought, and the amount of money people would have available for the time period. They also researched the number of people that survived and the causes of deaths along the trail. The games are very realistic. The students can't wait for others to play their games. If you visit these 8th grade classes it is amazing how focused and excited the students are about the project.