Assistant Principal Candidate

Kendra L Beck

Core Values and Beliefs








  • I believe that all learners should be given the opportunity for success.
  • I believe we as educators must work together to provide relevant learning experiences that will foster an environment catering to the needs of diverse learners.
  • I believe the learning space of students should be conducive for them to create their best learning whether working independently or collaborating.
  • I believe that learning must be engaging and allow learners to be critical thinkers.
  • I believe the learning atmosphere should provide a safe environment for students to take risks.

Earning Credibility with Staff

  • Offering full support from day one
  • Listening to their ideas and allowing them to be a part of the decision making process (It is important to feel valued)
  • Providing resources that will assist them in gaining knowledge on new lesson designs and learning concepts
  • Being consistent
  • Leading by example (trying new things with willingness and excitement)
  • Specific constructive criticism that will help improvement and shows I was paying attention
  • Continual Encouragement
  • No threat to responsibilities if they are not successful on the first try
  • Pointing out the positives even if the entire plan is not working out

An Innovative and Engaging Classroom

  • Learners creating their own knowledge through questioning and critical thinking
  • The educator facilitates the knowledge learners acquire through opportunities for the students to produce products based on student voice and choice
  • Touring model schools/districts
  • Researching designs (what things are working for others, what is not)
  • Looking at ways to change and utilize the space within the classrooms and hallways
  • Looking at how learners are currently using class space and taking into consideration what we are moving to (need for collaboration areas not individual desks)
  • Investigating the learning models we want in place and what the learning space should look like for it to be successful
  • Survey learners/ committee of learners getting their feedback on how they think the learning environment should look (models student choice)

Celebrating Successes

  • Monthly showcase of great things happening in the classroom for all to see (newsletter, blogs, google sites set up to show successes, share out at staff meetings)
  • Drawings for things such as (free duty pass, specific parking space, gift cards, iTunes cards to purchase educational apps, etc.)
  • I caught you cards (personal for individuals to know that you see their effort and commend them for what you are seeing

My Greatest Contributions

I have been a part of the transformation process for the past two years; working on the contents of the visioning document and learning framework. This includes lesson design moving from traditional to fully implementing UbD (understanding by design), increasing student engagement with a greater focus on what motivates students and how to use this to make connections to concepts they must learn. I have transformed my classroom into a collaborative setting that allows for increased ability for learners to work together and create their own learning. I am knowledgable in Inquiry, 5E lessons, PBL (Project/Problem Based Learning), Blended Learning, and Flipped Classroom models. As a cadre leader for Formative Assessment, I will be able to assist with the concept of assessing for learning. Continually I have been working on technology integration with the use of presentation, collaboration, and organization tools. I am driven by the need for all students to reach their full potential and to a campus as an Assistant Principal I will bring hard work and dedication with team effort to make this come true.