Boston Tea Party

Join Us as We Revolt Against the Tea Act

Don’t think a Tea Tax is fair?

Join the Sons of Liberty as we fight back against the British government and their unfair monopoly on the Tea trade. Meet in the harbor on December 16, 1773 to show the British how we feel about the East India Company’s unfair advantage in the tea trade.

We Must Fight Back

We tried to make our voices heard peacefully after the Sugar Act of 1764, but that did not work. Now we must fight back with force to make Parliament hear our cry. On December 16th, we will disguise ourselves as the Mohawk Indians, and dump 342 chests of tea into the harbor. Parliament will be angry, but hopefully they will realize that they cannot push us around.

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Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty is a secret organization made up of colonists. We have a Sons of Liberty branch in Boston and another one in New York. We encourage colonists to join together to fight against British rule.