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We welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year! Even though present circumstances keep us socially distanced, green and gold continues to flow through our veins, and the familial bond is stronger than ever. While it isn't the way any of us wished for, this year is allowing us to tap into our creativity, innovatively build unique connections, and support one another as we continue our pursuit of excellence in the 4 A's of Academics, Arts, Athletics, and Activities.

Each Sunday evening beginning next week, we will send out the Royal Decree - this is your primary source for information to keep up-to-date on upcoming events and activities. Please ensure your contact information in Aeries is current and check your email regularly.


Because we want you to stay informed, and we rely so heavily on digital communication, please ensure your email address is accurate in Aeries. Click on the image for instructions. Although the parent portal is open and will allow you to make certain changes, other changes must be made by the school registrar, Lynda McKnight. Here is a list of the information that should be kept current and how to up-date it:

1. Home Address – Parents cannot change home addresses in the Aeries Parent Portal. When a student has a new home address, the parent must bring or send in proof of the new address, such as a utility bill. Once the parent provides proof of the new address, the Registrar can change the student’s address in Aeries.

2. Primary Phone Number – There is a Primary Phone Number listed on the Demographics Screen that cannot be changed by parents. Parents need to contact the school to change the Primary Phone Number. The parents can change all phone numbers listed on the Contacts Screen.

3. Email address for parent/guardian – A parent can follow the steps listed in the image to change their own email address.

4. Student Mobile Phone Number – There is a Student Mobile Number listed on the Demographics Screen that cannot be changed by parents. If a parent would like to include the student's phone number, the parent needs to contact the school registrar to change or add it.


If you have materials that still need to be returned to the school, PLEASE bring them to the library Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (August 4-6) between the hours of 9 AM - Noon. In order for check out to begin on August 10th, the Librarians must have sufficient materials to distribute and allow for a period of time for the items to be sanitized before re-distribution. Every Monday at 8:00 AM since June, notices have been sent out to the students' school email listing outstanding items or fees owed for lost items. Should you need to pay for lost items in order to "clear" a student, CASH ONLY is accepted.


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NOTE: Students who cannot attend their assigned registration date and time (due to work schedule, etc.) must contact our office manager, Harriet Hunsaker. Unfortunately, students cannot just show up on another day and time due to our strict allotment of students during each time period to allow for social distancing. We also cannot have siblings or friends pick up materials for another student and will only have the locators available for the assigned students during each day and time slot. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we strive to keep our staff and students safe during this distribution process.


For those of you returning to Royal this year, registration week will look a little different. Because of social distancing and health mandates, we will have limited interaction and students must report at their assigned time. Only students are allowed on campus, they MUST WEAR A FACE MASK the entire time (no exceptions), and follow these procedures (refer to the map below):

1. Walking or driving to campus - Enter the Stadium Gate Parking lot. Students ONLY enter through the gate next to building 7. Look for the sign indicating Registration ENTRANCE.

2. Follow the signs and markings on the ground and maintain social distancing of 6 feet to proceed around building 7 to pick up your Student Locator which lists your semester classes and determines the books you will need (see info below regarding locators).

3. Show a form of identification (it can be last year's ID card from Royal or prior school) in order to obtain your correct Locator.

4. As you proceed into the Library to check out a Chromebook and required textbooks/materials, wait for Royal Staff's direction before proceeding forward to ensure social distancing is maintained. You will be directed to the required books for your classes. Many books have digital access, so you are encouraged to use the digital text whenever possible and only check out physical copies for the texts not accessed online.

5. After completing the process, follow the signs to leave the campus and EXIT through the double gate next to the gym. The path will be clearly marked and campus supervisors will be positioned throughout campus to ensure students stay on the designated route, maintain social distancing, and offer support if needed.

6. For those waiting in the car, the registration process should only take approximately 15-20 minutes, so relax and bring something cool to drink while you wait!


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Each year, students receive a paper copy of what we refer to as a "locator" (this is a non-period specific listing of their courses for the coming semester). This will be available for each grade level's Distribution day and at each student's alphabetically assigned time. Directions for picking up locators are outlined above. Locators are used when picking up books and materials for 20-21 courses.

Please note: Locators ARE NOT student's daily period by period schedule. They are simply a list of the courses that each student is enrolled in. Specific period schedules will be available online within the Aeries system.


Counselors will be available for phone, email, and online Zoom meetings with students. Specific information related to how students can virtually connect with counselors during our Registration Days will be communicated directly prior to Registration Week.

First and foremost, due to the demand of distance learning and logistical needs for our overall Master Schedule, students will not be allowed to drop, move, or trade courses unless a unique circumstance exists. This will be determined by each individual Counselor with the Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction. Only requests due to major conflicts and/or scheduling errors will be honored. (This is vital to the entirety of our 2100 student Master Schedule.)

COUNSELOR OFFICE HOURS - Counselors will be available during each grade's specific Registration Day to virtually meet with students between 8:00 am and 12:30 pm. Again, course changes will only be honored in unique circumstances.

  • Monday, August 10th = 9th Grade (8:30 am - 12:30 pm)
  • Tuesday, August 11th = 10th Grade (8:30 am - 12:30 pm)
  • Wednesday, August 12th = 11th Grade (8:30 am - 12:30 pm)
  • Thursday, August 13th = 12th Grade (8:30 am - 12:30 pm)

COUNSELOR CONTACTS - Students are assigned to a counselor based on Last Name Alpha

Please note: Mrs. Intlekofer is currently on maternity leave and Mrs. Jennifer Gast will be joining our department on a temporary basis. We are excited for the new addition to Mrs. Intlekofer's family as well as her impending return. We also extend a warm Royal Family welcome to Mrs. Gast.