Library News for Teachers

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pumpkin Book Character Contest

We will be having our annual pumpkin character contest this year! The pumpkins will go on display beginning Friday, October 16th. A parent letter on golden rod paper and entry form on green paper were put in your boxes last Thursday. Please make sure to send those home. If you did not get them please let me know.

Our judges, so far, include several faculty members from our building, a few school board members, Mayor Cypert, and Ms. French. Just a heads up that they will be in the building on the morning of Wednesday, October 21st.

Christopher Columbus Day October 12th

We have book and dvd's in the library if you need them. The dvd's are "Where do you think you're going, Christopher Columbus" (32 minutes long), and The Animated Hero Classics Christopher Columbus (30 minutes long).
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Overdue books

My heart says let kids check out as many books as they would like! We want them to not only learn to read, but to love to read for pleasure too. I am all about access to books and resources. However, my head says that I have to be diligent in keeping up with overdue books. Therefore, students who have overdue books will only be allowed to check out 1 book. If they have more than 10 books overdue, I will let them choose some paperback books or magazines to take home.

Also, I want to encourage kids to take their books home. I realize that some may lose them more easily. However, we want kids to have books at home to read too. Please encourage them to take their books home, share them with their families, and to enjoy them in their free time.

Finally, students who receive a late notice, but think that they have turned their books in can bring the notice to the library. We will look for the books on the shelves. The notices are reminders, not reprimands for having late books.

Thank you for your help with all of this!